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Сочинение “My summer holidays”

Сочинение “My summer holidays”

Объясняем, как написать сочинение, которое первым пишут осенью на уроках английского — о прошедшем лете. Советы и примеры для разных классов прилагаются.

Правила хорошего сочинения

Хоть в сочинении вы и рассказываете о своём лете, помните: это всё ещё школьная работа. Нужно придерживаться правил, если хотите получить хорошую оценку.

Вот основные:

  1. Подробно рассказывайте о паре-тройке событий, а не перечисляйте их все.

  2. Придерживайтесь структуры — в сочинении должны быть введение, основная часть и заключение.

  3. Используйте только те слова и конструкции, которые вы хорошо знаете.

  4. Придерживайтесь темы, не отвлекайтесь на отступления.

Бывает так, что ребята, чьё лето было не таким насыщенным, пишут короткие сочинения и получают за них соответствующе низкие оценки. Чтобы не повторить это на своём опыте, попробуйте придумать несколько событий и описать их. Это нормально: цель работы — проверить ваши навыки, а не прошедшее лето на уровень весёлости.

Примеры сочинений “My summer holidays”

Теперь рассмотрим несколько примеров сочинений на эту тему — по одному для младшей, средней и старшей школы. Они отличаются объёмом, а также сложностью конструкций и лексики.

Пример №1. Для младших классов

Summer is my favourite season because I have the longest holidays. I am free from school and homework. I can do what I want. I would like to tell you about how I spent my summer. It was the coolest one!

At the beginning of the summer, I went to Egypt with my family for 2 weeks. Our hotel was so cool, very big and beautiful. It was near the beach, and it was great! I built many sandcastles and swam a lot! My dad helped me to learn how to swim better and bought me a mask with a tube to swim underwater. I really liked to watch the fish swimming near me. They were not even afraid of me!

After our family holiday, I went to a summer camp. There I met many new friends and learnt a lot of interesting things. We played football, drew pictures, and had fun parties in the evenings. One day, we even put on a play and showed it to everyone at the camp! The play was about aliens, and I was one of them!

Now that summer is over, and I am back in school with lots of memories. I am happy I had such a wonderful summer. I can't wait for next summer to have more adventures!

Словарь “My summer holidays” для младших классов




a summer



a season


сезон, время года

a holiday



to swim



a camp



to draw



to play



a play


игра, пьеса

an adventure



Пример №2. Для средних классов

Summer is one of my favourite seasons ever. I don't have to wake up early, go to school, and no one talks about textbooks, lessons or homework until September. I can do whatever I want. I have the opportunity to relax and enjoy perfect summer time.

I want to share my summer activities. One of the most exciting moments of my summer was going to a festival with my friends Sasha and Masha. It was a celebration filled with music, food and exciting activities. We ate delicious snacks and played games like darts with balloons filled with water. Sasha even won one of the prizes! It was a small teddy bear with a heart on his belly. Masha tried too, but she had a bad target, anyway she still had fun. I tried shooting with a fake gun and won a little plush toy! I also took a photo with one of the musicians after the performance and got his autograph!

The festival was running until midnight, but our parents took us home before that. That was a little bit disappointing. But I hope next year I can stay later. The festival was really fun, and I hope to visit this festival next year.

In addition to the festival, I also spent a lot of time helping my parents in the garden. My mother taught me about different plants, how to care for them. I helped to weed potatoes. It was hard work, but it was a great way to help my parents with it. My mum always complains that no one helps her, but now she can't!

As the summer ended, I started to prepare for school and do my homework that I had for summer. We bought me a new backpack and many new colourful notebooks. It was fun to shop for new school things with my mother, but I still didn't want summer to end.

My summer holidays were a time of friendship and fun, and I hope that the next one will be even better.

Словарь “My summer holidays” для средних классов







to relax



to enjoy



a festival



a celebration



a performance


представление, выступление




a garden



a friendship



Пример №3. Для старших классов

Summer is a time of opportunities, a time to discover new things about ourselves and the world around us. I decided to make this summer eventful and memorable by volunteering at a local animal shelter. I adore animals and have always wanted to help those who don’t have a safe home. I have always respected people who dedicate their time and effort to helping those in need. So, I decided that this summer would be about helping animals who cannot ask for help. Every day, I woke up early and headed to the shelter to feed, care for, and play with the animals. But most importantly, I spent my time cleaning the shelter. Anyone needs somewhere clean to sleep and eat, after all. It was an amazing experience, and I'm glad I could help.

But it wasn’t without troubles. Once a new dog, who was still very scared of humans, bit my ankle. The wound wasn’t infected, I just had to get a few stitches, but otherwise I was fine. I don't blame the dog for it, it was just really scared. But I had to take it easy for a while, and it was hard to walk for about a week. I had to work with papers and, at home, I mostly played mobile games on my phone. I didn't know that not being able to walk can be so hard and annoying.

But even then, I really enjoyed working with animals. Unfortunately, I couldn't take any of them home with me. My dad said I could only do that when I grow up and have my own flat. I hope one day I can take a puppy from an animal shelter.

In addition to my work at the shelter, I also found time to travel with my family. Our journey to Lake Baikal was an incredible adventure full of impressions and new discoveries. We spent days exploring the surroundings and enjoying the beauty of nature. The mountain landscapes, the pure water of the lake, and the amazing nature left unforgettable memories in our minds and in our photo gallery. I think I have pictures of every little detail of this gorgeous lake.

At the end of the summer, I also had to spend some time preparing for upcoming exams. I know that volunteering and travelling are all great, but I also understand that exams play a very important role in my future and entering the university. So, I spent some time studying and preparing for the exams. If I pass my exams well enough, I can go to a better university, have a good job and get my own flat. And then I can have a puppy!

Despite all of these, I still managed to spend some time with my friends. All in all, my summer was filled with a variety of activities and experiences. Volunteering at the shelter was an amazing experience, and the trip to Lake Baikal allowed me to enjoy the beauty of nature and bond with my family.

Словарь “My summer holidays” для старших классов




an opportunity



to discover


узнавать, открывать



богатый на события



запоминающийся, памятный

a volunteer


волонтёр, доброволец

a shelter



to dedicate



an experience



a trouble



to annoy



an impression



a surrounding






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