Read the words and put the correct prefix into the gaps to make words negative or opposite disimirmisilmismisdisirdisindis

1. It was a honest behaviour.

2. He is so mature.

3. Don't be responsible.

4. Somebody advised him on potential consequences.

5. Unfortunately, your conclusion is logical.

6. Sorry, but I think you've been informed.

7. I think it was just a print.

8. I can't close the details of this deal.

9. Your working experience is relevant to this position.

10. We cannot connect it from the system.

11. All elections must be dependent.

12. There are both advantages and advantage in this concept.

Group the words according to the rule act note determine apply evident neglect prefer exist appear accept allow maintain happy lazy kind bright achieve refresh govern disappoint -(t)ion -ence -ance -ness -ment
Strike out the word that cannot be used with the suffix given to form a noun

[-ist] art drama novel drive

[-er/-or] act play piano clean

[-ness] total lazy happy polite

[-tion/-sion] decide attract simplify manage

[-ance/-ence] read audio patient refer

[-ment] excite improve pronounce sing

Read the text and put the given words into the correct form


What can bring happiness to most people? Food? Gadgets? Yes, sure, but let's not forget about travelling . Most people think that this is only one true action that can make them feel happy. Almost everybody likes visiting amusement parks. They can bring you new emotions. Of course, not all the time it can bring you joy. Unfortunately, sometimes, travelling can be a disappointment . But anyway, try to look on the bright side. Even a bad experience is an experience. Moreover, trips can become a hobby. For example, you can start your collection of unusual souvenirs. So next time when you travel with your family or friends, enjoy every moment of your trip.


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    Делаем вместе с сыном бесплатные задания по английскому в Skysmart, это оказалось полезно не только для него, но и для меня. Например, вспомнила, как использовать артикли, — эта тема для меня всегда была сложноватой. Хотелось бы побольше заданий на аудирование, пока у сына этот навык хромает.
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    Я занимаюсь в Skysmart с 3‑го класса, и немного удивился, когда нашел раздел с бесплатными заданиями здесь. Они отличаются от тех, которые мы проходим на уроках, но тоже интерактивные. По-моему, на компьютере делать упражнения получается быстрее и интереснее, чем в тетрадке.
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    Наткнулась на этот сайт, когда готовилась к ВПР по английскому. Пассивный залог — моя больная тема, но бесплатные задания помогли вспомнить правила, а потом еще статью почитала, и работу написала в итоге хорошо.

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