Look at the pictures and use the words to complete the collocations healthycrowdedheavyquiethandpublic transportlow costlandscapesbustle




peace and

close at


of living


hustle and

Image 1 is a derivative of "Curry chicken vegetable fresh food" by PeteerS on Envato Elements Image 2 is a derivative of "Photo of many people enjoying rock concert in nightclub" by simbiothy on Envato Elements Image 3 is a derivative of "Traffic Jam" by Mint_Images on Envato Elements Image 4 is a derivative of "Calm" by micens on Envato Elements Image 5 is a derivative of "Мужская рука держит мобильное устройство, карту города на экране, используя технологию wirelles" by twenty20photos on Envato Elements Image 6 is a derivative of "Bus of the public transport" by Chalabala on Envato Elements Image 7 is a derivative of "Chained up money" by joebelanger on Envato Elements Image 8 is a derivative of "Mountain landscape" by rozum on Envato Elements Image 9 is a derivative of "people walking on big city street" by Panxunbin on Envato Elements
Listen to the dialogue and choose the correct answers
  1. Kate and Nick rarely always go to the countryside for their holidays.
  2. Nick likes doesn't like the country landscape.
  3. Kate likes doesn't like the city.
  4. There are some There aren't any problems with the internet in the country.
  5. Kate likes doesn't like spending holidays in the country.

Kate: Why do we always go to the countryside for our holidays? It's so boring here.

Nick: Well, Kate, you know Grandma needs our help. There's always a lot of work to do in the countryside, especially in summer.

Kate: I think grandma must sell her house in the village and come to live with us in the city.

Nick: But she can't. She loves it here. She needs the peace and quiet of the countryside to feel happy.

Kate: It's too peaceful and quiet here if you ask me. No cinemas, no cafés, no shopping centres, no parks...

Nick: Of course there are no parks, Kate. There are forests and fields around the village, and a lovely river near it. The landscape is beautiful.

Kate: The river and the fields are OK for a day or two, but then you start getting bored.

Nick: You can ride your bike in the fields, you can go swimming in the river. You can ride a horse, Kate.

Kate: A horse? No, I'm afraid of horses. Riding horses, playing with chickens in the farmyard, and milking cows is not my idea of fun. Grandma's cow is huge, it's a real monster.

Nick: Don't you get tired of the hustle and bustle of the city?

Kate: No, I don't. I love the noise, and the traffic, and the crowded streets. And here in the country, I feel isolated.

Nick: You can chat with your friends on the internet.

Kate: The internet? You must be kidding. It's so difficult to connect to the internet here...

Listen to the text and mark the statements as True, False or Not stated
  1. To get to the village, you need to drive 3 hours. True False Not Stated
  2. Grandma's house is very cozy. True False Not Stated
  3. They get up very early in the village. True False Not Stated
  4. The speaker spent the whole summer in the village. True False Not Stated
  5. The speaker feels isolated in the village. True False Not Stated
  6. The speaker feels better in the city. True False Not Stated
  7. The speaker believes that the village is very noisy. True False Not Stated

Weekend with my grandmother in the village

I'm a city mouse. But sometimes my parents take me to my grandmother. She lives in the village. It takes about 2 hours to go to the village. When I arrive, I immediately inhale fresh air. There is a forest near my grandmother's house. My grandmother has many animals: a goat, a cow, chickens and a dog. In the morning, my grandmother and I feed everyone, milk the cow and goat, and collect eggs. Then I help my grandmother water the garden. Grandma treats me to fruit and pancakes. Her house is very cozy. I also love the village for its beautiful landscapes. After the weekend, I am happy to return to the city. Sometimes it's worth going to the village to relax, but I'm starting to feel isolated and I rather want to go to the city to visit friends. The village is too quiet and peaceful.

Put the elements into the gaps

Complete the gapped sentences so that they have the same meaning as the original ones.

abeautifullandscapeaconvenientwayleadhealthylifestylelowercost oflivingstreetsarecrowdedaa
  1. This is the most lovely scenery I've seen in my life.

    I have never seen such .

  2. It's suitable to use public transport to move around the city.

    Public transport is to move around the city.

  3. People who live in the country are strong and fit.

    People who live in the country .

  4. Prices in the country are not as high as in the city.

    The country has than the city.

  5. There are too many people in the city streets.

    The city .


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