Order the words to make questions and complete the answers WhatisthereinyourschoolbagThere is

A: ?

B: pencil case and my books.

Arethereanygoodrestaurantsin yourtownthere are

A: ?

B: Yes, .

Howmanystudentsaretherein yourclassThere're

A: ?

B: 20 students.


A: ?

B: No, there .

Listen to the audio and type the words you hear
  1. There are two apples in the box.
  2. There is one watermelon .
  3. There are some cherries .
  4. There are some figs .
  5. There are four lemons .
  6. There is a pineapple .
  7. There aren'tare not any melons .
Fruit Box

There are two apples in the box.

There is one watermelon.

There are some cherries.

There are some figs.

There are four lemons.

There is a pineapple.

There aren't any melons.

The image is a derivative of "Summer friut variety on wooden background, top view. Watermelon, pineapple, lemon, figs, peach, sweet cherry and apple" by sonyakamoz on Envato Elements
Read the text and choose the correct option

This is the photo of my father's desk. It's not really tidy but my dad is working now. At the end of the day he always put all things to their places. Right now you can see that there is are a lot of different things. There is isn't a keyboard but there isn't aren't a screen. Also there are some any clips. Unfortunately, there aren't isn't any plants. On the left you can see a cup of coffee. My dad likes it a lot. There is a any mobile next to it. My father gets a lot of messages from colleagues. There is isn't a notebook in the middle of the photo. My father uses it to take some notes. Next time I'll show you my desk.

The image is a derivative of "Overhead of messy office table working atmosphere" by garloon on Envato Elements
Choose the correct options There Is & There Are

We use constructions There Is/Are to describe something, e.g. the place where you stay, the photo or the picture, the room...

We put There Is/Are at the beginning of the sentence.

We use There Is if then we have a singular noun. There is a dog.

We use There Are if then we have a plural noun. There are dogs.

To make negative sentences add not to the phrase.

  1. There is are some money on in my wallet. Let's buy something to eat.
  2. There is are three pens on between the table.
  3. There is are a lot of students in my class.
  4. Look at the clock above under you. There is are little time left!
  5. There is are a big spider between under the table.
  6. There is are some shops next to in my house.
  7. There is are a new hi-fi in between the bookshelf and the TV.


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