Read the text about London's sights and match the pictures with the names of famous sights

London is the capital of England and the UK. This city is very beautiful and full of famous attractions within the city centre. Start your tour from Parliament Square, where you can see Westminster Abbey, The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

Tourists can get a photo of The Thames river and the biggest observation wheel in the world, The London Eye. From here, it's a quick walk to Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the British Queen, Elizabeth the Second. Hyde Park and St. James's Park are worth visiting too. When it is raining, jump on the double-decker bus, which drives by many of the iconic places in London.

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Put the elements into the gaps stoneslegendarystructuretransportedprotected

Stonehenge is a circle of located in Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England. It is one of the most mystical and places in the world. It is more than 5,000 years old. Some scientists say this has a religious meaning. But nobody knows how these huge stones were from over 150 miles away! Now it is by UNESCO.

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Put the elements into the gaps Fish and chipsTraditional English breakfastSconesShepherd's pieAfternoon tea

Food in England

  1. . This dish is very delicious and is usually sold everywhere. The fish is fried and goes with fat French fries. The best variant can be found in the seaside towns.
  2. . A full English breakfast consists of bacon, a fried egg, sausage, mushrooms, baked beans, toast and grilled tomatoes. Then have a cup of tea or coffee. It is a great way to start your day when you are in England.
  3. . Scone is a small, round cake that is, like bread, made from flour, milk and butter. It is an important part of afternoon tea and is usually served with jam or cream. You can buy scones in groceries or bakeries.
  4. . This traditional pie consists of meat, vegetables and mashed potatoes under the crusty pie dough. It can be served both in pubs or expensive restaurants.
  5. . It is not a food but more of a tradition. Traditional English tea ceremony involves tea with scones, sandwiches and tea cakes served on a platter. The best time to have tea is between 4 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon.
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Choose the correct options

If you want to hike and see the most beautiful lakes in England, then you will surely like your trip to the Lake District.

It is located in the north of England. There are one or two-day hikes to this amazing national park. Apart from enjoying the countryside, you can also try some outdoor activities like fishing, swimming and cycling. The best time to book a trip is the fall or spring.

The Lake District is the place where people can

visit museums walk a lot have a lot of entertainment

The Lake District is situated

in the south of England in the west of England in the north of England

When you go to the Lake District, you can

go sightseeing go sunbathing go around by bike

The best time to visit this place is

autumn and spring winter and summer summer and spring
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