Choose the correct option

A. Power is the main goal of business.

B. Financial entrepreneurship is a type of business.

Which statement is correct?

Only A is correct. Only B is correct. Both A and B are correct. Neither A nor B is correct.
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Cross the wrong one out

All of the options below, except one, relate to the types of business. Find the odd item.

Productive entrepreneurship trade entrepreneurship evaluation business insurance business intermediary business.

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Write the answer

Accumulated profit is the profit a company has made in previous years and held in its reserves.

A manufacturer is a person or company that produces finished goods from raw materials and sells them.

Choose the correct statements about business from the list.

  1. Types of businesses differ in the way they are organized.
  2. Doing business requires a lot of knowledge and skills from the manufacturer in order to organize efficient production.
  3. Business plays an important role in the economy, as it provides the production of goods and services, creates jobs.
  4. In partnership one person takes all the responsibility for the activities of the firm.
  5. The company cannot use the accumulated profit as a source of business financing.

Enter the numbers of statements in the ascending order.

Answer: 123 .

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Recreate the word

All people have a unique professional career. Perhaps someone will become an actor or journalist. Others might become doctors or teachers. But there are those who will create their own products or services and start their own business !

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Choose the correct option

Individual entrepreneur is a businessman who manages his economic activities himself.

Insurance means protection from loss of money or other financial resources.

An intermediary is a person who passes messages or proposals between two people or groups.

Real estate is a form of property which includes land, the buildings on it, along with its natural resources like water, trees, etc.

Industrial = connected to industry or factories.

Evgeny is an individual entrepreneur. He provides the services of a realtor: he finds people who would like to rent out their apartment, and then offers it for rent to people in need of housing. For his services he takes 30 % of the rent for 1 month.

What kind of business is Evgeny engaged in?

Insurance Intermediary Real estate Industrial


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