Combine the words or their parts to make the names of the gadgets 3DprinterSmartwatchRobotvacuum cleanerWebcamVirtual realityheadsetGamesconsoleQuadcopterWirelessearbudsConvertiblelaptop

The image 1 is a derivative of "3D-принтер" by microgen on Envato Elements. The image 2 is a derivative of "Женщины смотреть смарт-часы технологии" by twenty20photos on Envanto Elements. The image 3 is a derivative of "Беспроводной робот-пылесос работает на полу. Умные бытовые технологии" by nblxer on Envanto Elements. The image 4 is a derivative of "Веб-камера на школьном столе для онлайн-дистанционного обучения" by twenty20photos on Envanto Elements. The image 5 is a derivative of "Молодая женщина носить очки виртуальной реальности" by stokkete on Envanto Elements. The image 6 is a derivative of "Человек играет с джойстиком" by AnnaStills on Envanto Elements. The image 7 is a derivative of "Дрон-квадрокоптер с камерой, летящий над водой" by halfpoint on Envanto Elements. The image 8 is a derivative of "Беспроводные наушники лежат на сером бетонном фоне" by twenty20photos on Envanto Elements. The image 9 is a derivative of "Ноутбук на деревянном столе с деревянным настенным фоном" by thananit_s on Envanto Elements.
Match the gadgets with their functions / ways of usage Z2FtZXMgY29uc29sZQ== dG8gcGxheSBNaW5lY3JhZnQ= c21hcnQgd2F0Y2g= dG8gZmluZCBvdXQgdGhlIHRpbWU= cm9ib3QgdmFjdXVtIGNsZWFuZXI= dG8gdGlkeSB1cCB0aGUgZmxhdA== Y29udmVydGlibGUgbGFwdG9w dG8gdXNlIGFzIHRhYmxldCBhbmQgUEM= M0QgcHJpbnRlcg== dG8gY3JlYXRlIHRoaW5ncw== d2ViY2Ft dG8gdHJhbnNtaXQgdmlkZW9zIHdpdGggc291bmQ= cXVhZGNvcHRlcg== dG8gdGFrZSBwaG90b3MgZnJvbSB0aGUgYWly
Choose the correct options

Read the text and mark the statements as true, false or not stated.

Are you tired of playing computer games? Do you love quests? Would you like to try out something completely new and exciting? Then don't miss a chance to visit our virtual reality (VR) quests!

You'll find yourself in completely new places with a possibility to act as in real life. Do you want to find out how dinosaurs died out? Can you escape from a local prison? Would you like to help Santa to save Christmas? Do you wish to be a scientist and invent a useful device? Do you know how to survive on a desert island? Are you able to save the planet from space invaders? And how about finding a cure for an unknown illness?

You can try to cope with any of these tasks alone or invite friends and work as one team. Just choose the location you like and start your unbelievable adventures!

All the scenes and objects are created with the help of modern computer technologies.

The illusion of the presence is possible due to the interaction of the main senses: vision, hearing, smell and touch. Special equipment, like a virtual reality headset, and high-quality graphics make it possible to become a part of the virtual world.

Book a location on our website vrq.info and contact us if you have any questions.

  1. Everyone is tired of playing computer games. True False Not stated .
  2. You can visit only two locations. True False Not stated .
  3. All locations differ. True False Not stated .
  4. You can do a quest only with friends. True False Not stated .
  5. The quest equipment is very expensive. True False Not stated .
Listen to five speakers and choose what they are talking about
  1. Speaker 1 2 3 4 5 tells about his/her favourite gadget.
  2. Speaker 1 2 3 4 5 explains why gadgets can be useful.
  3. Speaker 1 2 3 4 5 doesn't think that using gadgets a lot is a great idea.
  4. Speaker 1 2 3 4 5 talks about the latest technologies.
  5. Speaker 1 2 3 4 5 tells how he/she taught their grandparents to use gadgets.

Speaker 1. Of course, we can't imagine our life without gadgets. I have several of them: a mobile, a tablet, a laptop. But I think that using gadgets a lot is not always a good idea. If you spend too much time online, you have no time left for real communication. Meeting your friends, going for a walk in the park—nothing can replace it.

Speaker 2. My granny is 80. Last birthday we presented her a new mobile phone because her old one wasn't working. At first, she was quite happy but later she understood that it was difficult for her to get used to it. It took me a couple of days to explain to her how to type messages and take photos.

Speaker 3. I'm a big fan of modern technologies. Luckily, my parents bought me a new camera. I'm keen on taking photos. When I go for a walk, I take it with me all the time. I have a lot of nice pictures of nature and my friends. Maybe I will even take up photography courses.

Speaker 4. Recently, I was at an exhibition. A lot of cutting-edge technologies were presented there. I was amazed by the smart home. With the help of a remote control, you can set the temperature, start the music, open curtains and do a lot of other amazing things. I was also surprised that the robot industry has changed since last year. Now robots can do almost everything.

Speaker 5. Some people suppose that using gadgets is not a good idea. I strongly disagree with them. Using modern devices can really make your life easier. For example, there are washing machines that make your clothes dry, and you don't need to wait when you can wear your favourite T-shirt. Speaking about mobiles, I can mention that now the camera characteristics are so great that you don't need to buy an additional one to take good photos.


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    Делаем вместе с сыном бесплатные задания по английскому в Skysmart, это оказалось полезно не только для него, но и для меня. Например, вспомнила, как использовать артикли, — эта тема для меня всегда была сложноватой. Хотелось бы побольше заданий на аудирование, пока у сына этот навык хромает.
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