Label the classroom objects Blackboard Desk Chair Bookcase Bag Notice board Clock Globe Bookshelf Chalk
Put the elements into the gaps

Read the text and match the headings with the paragraphs. There are some extra headings.

Some teachers and students think that not all subjects are really important. Some of them, like Music or Art, don't really teach anything. So, here's what some students say about the subjects they don't like.

Shy and BoredDo You Want to Be an Artist?No Training at SchoolToo Difficult to DoA Boring TeacherGood for Health

I don't like Music. I think it is too boring. I also can't sing very well, and I'm too shy to do it in front of my classmates. And this subject will not help me to get a job in the future.

Tom, 12 years old

Art is a useless subject for me. We just draw something every lesson, and I don't really like it. I think this subject is good for future artists, but it is not really interesting for all the other students.

Linda, 10 years old

Physical Education is the subject that we don't need at school. We can do exercises at home or go to the gym after school if we want to be strong and healthy.

Sam, 13 years old

Listen to the audio and choose the correct options
  1. Max goes to school. True False .
  2. His favourite day of the week is Wednesday. True False .
  3. Max has four lessons on Friday. True False .
  4. Max and his classmates play board games during PE lesson. True False .
  5. The second lesson is Maths. True False .
  6. Max's Music teacher is very funny and kind. True False .

Hello! My name is Max. I am a schoolboy. I like going to school. My school is big and comfortable.

My schedule at school is not very strict. I have four or five lessons every day.

My favourite day of the week is Friday because I have four lessons which are my favourite.

The first lesson is PE or Physical Education. We jump, run and play games.

After that, we have an Art lesson. I am very creative and I am fond of drawing!

The third lesson on my timetable is Maths. I am good at counting, so it isn't difficult for me to multiply numbers.

And the last lesson is Music. We listen to music and sing songs during the lesson. Our teacher is very kind and sometimes we have a lot of fun!

Cross out the things which are not in the picture

A bag a whiteboard a bookcase a bookshelf a chair a clock a desk a globe a notice board a TV.

The image is a derivative of "Empty classroom with whiteboard" by Rido81 on Envato Elements.


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