Choose the correct options

Read the sentences in Reported Speech. How do the words in bold sound in Direct Speech?

Mary said that she was so tired that day.

Tommorow Sometimes Ago Today

Daniel said that I could come the next day .

Today Tommorow Yesterday Often

Pete said that he had been to the doctor's the day before.

Tommorow Today Yesterday Always

Mum said that she didn't want to listen about that.

This All Those These
The image is a derivative of "Yesterday you said tomorrow" by twenty20photos on Envato Elements.
Read the text again and and finish the sentences

John needed to buy some food, that's why he went to the supermarket.

"Oh, there is so much food!", — John thought, — "I don't know what to buy … ."

Suddenly, something bumped into his trolley, and vegetables, loaf of bread and a packet of milk fell on the ground.

"I'm so sorry!", — the person said, — "My trolley got broken, that's why … ."

"Oh, no, it's my fault, I was very far away in my thoughts … .", — John answered.

Finally, he looked at the person near him. "James!", — he exclaimed, — "I don't believe it's you!"

"John! Long time no see!"

The two men burst out laughing.

John said: "Do you remember, when we were schoolboys, we had our own music band?"

James: "Oh, yes! These were lovely days".

John: "Maybe, we can start singing again? I called Dan yesterday, he wants to play the guitar again … ."

James: "I think that is a great idea! Let's go to the music shop!"

John needed to buy some food but bought nothing of it.

  1. John said that he did not knowdidn't know what to buy.
  2. James said that his trolley had got broken .
  3. John said that they could start singing again.
  4. James invited John to go to the music shop.
Fill in the missing words
  1. Mr Harris used to work in Dover, but then he changed his job, and he and his wife moved to another town. They said reminded argued that they did not have many friends there. But they soon met a lot of interesting people.
  2. After a few weeks, they were promised warned invited to have dinner several times.
  3. Then Mrs Harris spoke told said asked to her husband, "We've been to a lot of other people's houses, and now we must invite them to our house, mustn't we?"
  4. Mr Harris answered: "Yes, I will would had invite all our friends here to a big party on 5th December."
  5. Mrs Harris was beginning to write the invitations when her husband saw that she was writing, "We had have had have a party from 6.30 to 8.30 p.m."
  6. "That was were is are not very polite is it?" he said. "You're telling our guests that they must go home at 8.30." So, Mrs Harris just wrote, "Party: 6.30 p.m.".
  7. A lot of guests were still there at midnight when the doorbell rang and a policeman arrived. He said, "You must should ought to can stop making a noise, because someone has complained."
Connect the pictures with the other verbs that can be used for reporting To inviteTo askTo remindTo adviseTo promise The image 1 is a derivative of "Inviting guest inside" and the image 5 is a derivative of "Pinky promise" by DragonImages on Envato Elements. The image 2 is a derivative of "Question mark" by sergign on Envato Elements. The image 3 is a derivative of "Theater marquee reminding the public the importance of washing your hands during the pandemic" by twenty20photos on Envato Elements. The image 4 is a derivative of "Gardener woman advising female client during buying flowers in the garden center" by leszekglasner on Envato Elements.


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