Match the types of books with the pictures biography comedy adventure science fiction romance crime thriller fantasy horror story drama Image 1 is a derivative of "Biographies", image 2 is a derivative of "Drama - Comedy and tragedy masks", image 9 is a derivative of "Theatrical mask on a fountain at The Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland." and image 6 is a derivative of "Crime scene tape" by twenty20photos on Envato Elements Image 3 is a derivative of "Adventure and Treasure Hunt" by Dream79 on Envato Elements Image 4 is a derivative of "UFO Alien Spaceship" by ktsimage on Envato Elements Image 5 is a derivative of "wedding cake topper. bride and groom figurines on top of wedding cake" by Sonyachny on Envato Elements Image 7 is a derivative of "Bright pink unicorn hanging on the wall" by serhiibobyk on Envato Elements Image 8 is a derivative of "Psycho woman screams in bed, insomnia horror" by NomadSoul1 on Envato Elements
Match the words with the types of books they refer to bG92ZQ== cm9tYW5jZQ== bWFnaWM= ZmFudGFzeQ== bXVyZGVy Y3JpbWUgdGhyaWxsZXI= c2NhcmU= aG9ycm9yIHN0b3J5 c3BhY2U= c2NpZW5jZSBmaWN0aW9u bGlmZSBzdG9yeQ== YmlvZ3JhcGh5 cXVlc3Q= YWR2ZW50dXJl YXJndW1lbnRz ZHJhbWE= bGF1Z2g= Y29tZWR5
Match the words with the pictures and complete the definitions audiobook paper book electronic book
  1. A(n) electronic book is published on the Internet or on a disk, and not printed on paper.
  2. A(n) audiobook is a recording, on a CD or made available on the Internet, of a book being read aloud.
  3. A(n) paper book is a set of pages that have been fastened together inside a cover to be read or written in.
The image 1 is a derivative of "Концепция Аудио книги. Наушники, кофе и книги" by karandaev on Envato Elements The image 2 is a derivative of "открытая книга" by serbogachuk on Envato Elements The image 3 is a derivative of "обрезанный вид женщины, читающей электронная книга дома" by LightFieldStudios on Envato Elements
Listen to the dialogue and choose the correct answers

Nick is going on holiday

by air. by water. on foot.

Nick usually has to read a lot of boring books

for fun. to his children. for his work.

Nick doesn't want to buy

detective stories. romance stories. adventure stories.

The characters in Kirk Morris's stories are

loyal and faithful. neat and ordinary. intelligent and unusual.

Nick thinks that a typical detective from a classical English crime story has

a magnifying glass. a country house. a strong horse.

Shop Assistant: Good morning. Can I help you?

Nick: Good morning. I'm going away on holiday, and I'm looking for an interesting book I could read on the plane or at the beach.

Shop Assistant: What kind of books do you like reading?

Nick: I usually have to read a lot of boring non-fiction books for my work, so now I want something to read just for fun. You know, something exciting…

Shop Assistant: A suspense story?

Nick: Yes, may be. Adventure or detective stories, I think. But no romance stories, please. They are boring.

Shop Assistant: I can recommend you this book by a modern author, Kirk Morris. He is not famous yet, but he is a very talented and promising writer. His style is brilliant.

Nick: Is it a detective story?

Shop Assistant: Yes, Kirk Morris is a crime writer, his stories are mystery stories with clever and strange characters. You can also find some psychology in his books.

Nick: OK, I think I'll take it. And I would also like to read some classical English detective stories. You know, the ones with a spy in a cape and with a magnifying glass who is trying to find a criminal in a typical English country house.

Shop Assistant: I see what you mean. I like such stories, too. You can reread them over and over again, they are very interesting. You can find them here.

Nick: Thank you very much for your help.


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    Делаем вместе с сыном бесплатные задания по английскому в Skysmart, это оказалось полезно не только для него, но и для меня. Например, вспомнила, как использовать артикли, — эта тема для меня всегда была сложноватой. Хотелось бы побольше заданий на аудирование, пока у сына этот навык хромает.
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    Я занимаюсь в Skysmart с 3‑го класса, и немного удивился, когда нашел раздел с бесплатными заданиями здесь. Они отличаются от тех, которые мы проходим на уроках, но тоже интерактивные. По-моему, на компьютере делать упражнения получается быстрее и интереснее, чем в тетрадке.
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    Наткнулась на этот сайт, когда готовилась к ВПР по английскому. Пассивный залог — моя больная тема, но бесплатные задания помогли вспомнить правила, а потом еще статью почитала, и работу написала в итоге хорошо.

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