Label the pictures with the pronouns It You We I He and she They Image 1 is a derivative of "Female hands over desktop blogger or business woman holding a tablet. Flat lay, overhead view" by Lana_M on Envato Elements Image 2 is a derivative of "Select you! It's you! Closeup pointing finger at camera showing hand gesture this is you. Choosing you are engaged in a posse of employees and selecting the prosessians for the customer" by ijeab on Envato Elements Image 3 is a derivative of "We Love This Time Of Year" by micens on Envato Elements Image 4 is a derivative of "Preschool european boy is staying at the table in the library with stacks of books beside. Close-up, pupil holding his hands on a book having a plan in his mind . Boy holds yellow pencil in hair" by diignat on Envato Elements Image 5 is a derivative of "Guy with tattoo on hand is hugging girl with long hair near sea. He is looking at her. She is smiling to the camera" by look_studio on Envato Elements Image 6 is a derivative of "Many of people. Group of female kids practicing athletic exercises together indoors" by mstandret on Envato Elements
Choose the correct pronouns to complete the sentences
  1. Children, can I he she it we you they answer the question?
  2. My name's Tom. I He She It We You They am 10 years old.
  3. This is Jack. I He She It We You They is my friend.
  4. My parents are Peter and Kate. I He She It We You They are doctors.
  5. I have got a bike but I he she it we you they is old.
  6. A: Are I he she it we you they in class 2b?

    B: Yes, I am.

  7. Hi, I'm Kate and this is Liz. I He She It We You They are sisters.
Choose the correct options
  1. My friends are very friendly. They I he are teenagers.
  2. His dog is funny. It He They is very small.
  3. My sister is small. She He I is two years old.
  4. My name is Kate. I he she am a schoolgirl.
  5. His parents are in Moscow. He She They work there.
  6. This is his pen. She They He is looking for it.
  7. How old are he she you ?
Choose the correct options to complete the text

My name's Pete and I I'm I'll I've am in class 2b. My classroom is big. I like its' it's it its very much. There is a big blackboard with a piece of chalk on it. We're We We've We'll also have a bookcase and bookshelves with a lot of books on them. There is a clock on the wall. It shows the time. Our teacher has a big desk. We I She's She very kind and smart. Everyone likes her. We they I she all have small desks. There are also chairs where we sit. I like our classroom. It's he it she is cozy.


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