Choose the correct options to complete the sentences
  1. Has he alreadyneveryet tried surfing?
  2. Have you everneveryet visited Spain?
  3. I've yetjustever finished eating dinner.
  4. She hasn't done her homework nevereveryet.
  5. They have alreadyeveryet seen that film.
  6. Have you met him yetjustever?
Put the elements into the gaps have been repairinghave repaired

1. A: Why are you so dirty?

B: I my bike the whole morning.

2. Hi, John! You are by bike today! You it? Good job!

has wonhas been traininghas trainedhas been winning

3. Brian a marathon because he for half a year!

4. She this morning. That's why she is so energetic.

5. Billy all the table tennis competitions for the last five years.

haven't eatenhave eatenhave been eating

6. I today yet.

7. I feel sick. That's because I that not fresh salad.

8. A: Are you ready?

B: Not yet. I'm having lunch.

A: Still? You for 40 minutes already! Hurry up!

Fill in the gaps with the correct forms of the given verbs
  1. I have been learning've been learning Chinese for a year now. My teacher says I have made've made great progress already.
  2. Monica is still doing the housework. She has been cleaning's been cleaning all morning and she hasn't finishedhas not finished yet.
  3. A: How long have you known Susan?

    B: I have known've known Susan for about 10 years. She is my best friend.

  4. Look! Somebody has broken's broken our front door! Call the police right now.
  5. My brother is a fashion designer. He has appeared's appeared in several fashion shows in Milan.
  6. A: Is it still snowing?

    B: No, it isn't. It has been snowing's been snowing for the whole night but it has stopped's stopped . We can go out now.

  7. A: Sorry I'm late. I have got've gothave gotten've gotten stuck in a huge traffic jam.

    B: No problem, I haven't been waitinghave not been waiting long.

Listen and type the correct words to complete the sentences

Doctor: Good morning. Welcome to SmartDoctor. I've been designed to help you maintain your health. Please tell me if you've been experiencing any unusual symptoms recently.

Rebecca: Yes, I have. I've been feeling exhausted, and I've been sleeping a lot more than usual. I've also had , uh, awful diarrhoea and a bloated stomach.

Doctor: How long have you been experiencing diarrhoea?

Rebecca: Oh, uh, for about a week, I'd say.

Doctor: Are you allergic to anything?

Rebecca: Not that I'm aware of…

Doctor: Have you added or subtracted anything from your diet recently?

Rebecca: Uh, not really. I drink a lot of tea during the day, and, well, I do like to snack between meals.

Doctor: What do you snack on?

Rebecca: It's usually a chocolate bar, sometimes a yoghurt.

Doctor: Have you been feeling stressed or anxious at work?

Rebecca: A little, I suppose. I've recently been promoted, which means I've been working extra hours at the office.

Doctor: It sounds like your feelings of exhaustion are down to stress at work. Your symptoms of diarrhoea and a bloated stomach could also hint at a food intolerance. But I would like to do some tests, just to be sure.

Rebecca: Wow, OK. When will I get the results of the tests?

Doctor: It should only take a couple of weeks. Don't worry, I'm sure everything will be fine!

Rebecca: Great, thanks, doctor!


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