Choose the correct options to complete the sentences
  1. My granddad 's been smoking 's smoked for 15 years already. It's a very bad habit.
  2. I haven't been eating haven't eaten meat for two years now. And you know, I'm feeling much better.
  3. I haven't been seeing haven't seen Alison for two months. I'm wondering what she has done has been doing all this time.
  4. A: Why is your face so red?

    B: I have been playing have played tennis with Bobby for two hours.

  5. Where is my lunch? Somebody has been eating has eaten it! Who was it?
  6. A: Have you brought Have you been bringing the book I have been giving have given to you?

    B: Oh, sorry. I have forgot have forgotten .

  7. A: Why is Billy crying? What has happened has been happening ?

    B: He has broken has been breaking the vase, and I have punished have been punishing him with no ice cream today.

  8. A: Roger, have you been doing have you done the project? It's a deadline today.

    B: No, Mrs Simmons. I have been doing have done it for the whole week but unfortunately I still haven't been finishing haven't finished it. Can I bring it on Monday?

Fill in the gaps with the correct forms of the given verbs
  1. I have been learning 've been learning Chinese for a year now. My teacher says I have made 've made great progress already.
  2. Monica is still doing the housework. She has been cleaning 's been cleaning all morning and she hasn't finished has not finished yet.
  3. A: How long have you known Susan?

    B: I have known 've known Susan for about 10 years. She is my best friend.

  4. Look! Somebody has broken 's broken our front door! Call the police right now.
  5. My brother is a fashion designer. He has appeared 's appeared in several fashion shows in Milan.
  6. A: Is it still snowing?

    B: No, it isn't. It has been snowing 's been snowing for the whole night but it has stopped 's stopped . We can go out now.

  7. A: Sorry I'm late. I have got 've got have gotten 've gotten stuck in a huge traffic jam.

    B: No problem, I haven't been waiting have not been waiting long.

Listen and type the correct words to complete the sentences

Doctor: Good morning. Welcome to SmartDoctor. I've been designed to help you maintain your health. Please tell me if you've been experiencing any unusual symptoms recently.

Rebecca: Yes, I have. I've been feeling exhausted, and I've been sleeping a lot more than usual. I've also had , uh, awful diarrhoea and a bloated stomach.

Doctor: How long have you been experiencing diarrhoea?

Rebecca: Oh, uh, for about a week, I'd say.

Doctor: Are you allergic to anything?

Rebecca: Not that I'm aware of…

Doctor: Have you added or subtracted anything from your diet recently?

Rebecca: Uh, not really. I drink a lot of tea during the day, and, well, I do like to snack between meals.

Doctor: What do you snack on?

Rebecca: It's usually a chocolate bar, sometimes a yoghurt.

Doctor: Have you been feeling stressed or anxious at work?

Rebecca: A little, I suppose. I've recently been promoted, which means I've been working extra hours at the office.

Doctor: It sounds like your feelings of exhaustion are down to stress at work. Your symptoms of diarrhoea and a bloated stomach could also hint at a food intolerance. But I would like to do some tests, just to be sure.

Rebecca: Wow, OK. When will I get the results of the tests?

Doctor: It should only take a couple of weeks. Don't worry, I'm sure everything will be fine!

Rebecca: Great, thanks, doctor!

Choose the correct options to complete the text

I love travelling a lot because I think travelling helped has helped helps will help to broaden the horizons. I have just came just have come have just come just came back from the Himalayas. I have spent three wonderful weeks there. I have never been to never was in was never to have never been in India before, so I've had an amazing experience. Actually, I like all kinds of sports, so I have practised practised have been practising was practising yoga a lot all these weeks there and thinking about different things. Also, I've got a chance to go mountain skiing. To tell the truth, I were have been have gone went skiing only once last year when we were in France. This fact made me feel really nervous. But luckily, my skiing adventure ended up safe. Since then, I like skiing and try to master my skills any time I have a chance.

Fill in the gaps with the correct forms of the given verbs

Megan: Hi, Sally. How is your book? Have you written it already?

Sally: Oh, hello, Megan. Not yet. You know, it's not as easy as I 've thought have thought !

Megan: Really? Why?

Sally: I have been working 've been working on the book for about three months already, but it is still far from being finished. I've had to do so much research! I have stopped 've stopped at the third chapter.

Megan: How many chapters have you planned to write?

Sally: I have been thinking 've been thinking about writing nine chapters, but it turned out to be really hard to do. So, last week I decided to reduce the book up to six chapters.

Megan: Are you working on the book on your own?

Sally: Yes, nobody is helping 's helping me at the moment, but I've just seen Bobby, and he's offered to give me a hand. I think with his help the work will move 'll move forward much faster.

Megan: Good for you!

Sally: See you then.

Megan: Bye.


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