Type the correct forms of the given verbs to complete the sentences
  1. My mum and dad have lived 've lived in Brussels since 2012.
  2. A: Where is Pam?

    B: She has gone 's gone to Italy on holiday.

  3. My sister has had 's had this job since June.
  4. Do you know Betty? I haven't seen have not seen her before.
  5. A: What are you looking for?

    B: I can't find my keys. I think I have lost 've lost them.

  6. A: What's the matter with Dan?

    B: He has broken 's broken his leg.

Choose the correct options and fill in the gaps

Study the information. Look at the pictures and fill in the gaps to make the sentences in Present Perfect.

The rules Study the rule and learn the structure of questions in Present Perfect:
  • Have + I/you/we/they + Ved (regular) / V3 (irregular)?
  • Has + he/she/it + Ved (regular) / V3 (irregular)?

Have you ever eaten any exotic fruit? — No, I haven't (= have not).

Has Sarah gone to school yet? — Yes, she has.

Have Has mum cooked a barbecue today? — No, she hasn't haven't .

Have Has they stayed at home this evening? — Yes, they have has .

Have Has Susan talked to her parents on Skype? — Yes, she have has .

Have Has she worked as a doctor since August? — Yes, she have has .

Have Has you done your homework for today? — No, I hasn't haven't .

Have Has they painted your room blue? — Yes, they have has .

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Put the elements into the gaps

Complete the sentences using the given adverbials. There are extra options.

never already just yet still never ever later all day usually
  1. I don't know anything about Berlin. I have been to Germany.
  2. Mum, may I go out and play with friends? I have done the washing up.
  3. A: Do you know where Jennifer is?

    B: Yes, I have seen her.

  4. Everyone has heard the bang. But nobody knows what has happened .
  5. My sister is at university because she has decided to get her Master's degree.
  6. I have gone to the dentist before. I'm feeling nervous.
  7. Have you been to Rome? The Colosseum is worth seeing.
Fill in the gaps

Study the rule and complete the dialogues with have/has and been/gone.

The rules

  1. Tom: Hi, Sue. I haven't seen you for ages. Where have you gone been ?

    Sue: Hi, Tom. I'm glad to see you again. I have 've gone been to Paris. I saw the Eiffel Tower and went to the Louvre Museum.

  2. Sue is calling Tom.

    Sue: Hi, this is Sue here. May I speak to Tom?

    Tom's father: I'm sorry. He isn't at home. Tom has 's gone been to Rome. He'll be back in August.

  3. Granny: Where's my grandson? He was here a minute ago.

    Mum: He has 's gone been shopping. Can I help you?

  4. Lisa: I know you have 've gone been to Venice. Was it nice?

    Robert: Yeah, I went with my wife. It was a fantastic trip.


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