Divide the words into groups Cheque Credit card Bus Cash Charge of Great demand The age of The beginning of May The end of May By In At
Match each adjective with its dependent preposition at of about of in with of to with on

1) good ,

2) jealous ,

3) nervous ,

4) fond ,

5) interested ,

6) popular ,

7) proud ,

8) close ,

9) patient ,

10) keen .

Cross the wrong word out
  1. By + _____: bus cash cheque credit card .
  2. At + _____: the end of the beginning of the age of stock .
  3. In + _____: the age of charge of great demand cash .
  4. _____ + with: funny patient popular happy .
  5. _____ + about: worried nervous popular upset .
  6. _____ + of: keen proud jealous fond .
Choose the correct options

I decided to become a teacher in at under on the age of seven, when I met my first teacher. She was beautiful and kind. She was always patient about to after with us even though we were sometimes naughty and noisy. I think she was popular about with to for every pupil in my class.

I can still remember the day when I started my career with for in of education and my first lesson. It was quite scary to realise that I was in on at for charge of the whole class now. At In For On the beginning of the lesson, I was a bit nervous with of to about the discipline. But everything was OK.

Drag the elements

Complete the idioms and match them to their meanings. Put the number of an idiom's meaning.

  1. If you don't see somebody for a long time, you soon forget them.
  2. Unexpectedly, suddenly, when nobody expects it.
  3. To judge from the way somebody or something looks.
  4. A friend who comes to help you when you are in trouble.
  5. To make a problem seem more important or difficult than it really is.
  6. If a middle-aged person is not wise and smart, he or she will remain silly till the end of their life.
inOut ofOut ofout ofbyatout of412365

A friend need.

No. .

sight, mind.

No. .

the blue.

No. .

To judge a book its cover.

No. .

A fool 40 is a fool forever.

No. .

To make a mountain a molehill.

No. .

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