Complete the tasks

1. Decide if each word is a personal pronoun, a possessive adjective or a possessive pronoun.

"My" vs "mine"

We use possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns to show possession:

Possessive adjectives come before a noun.

This is my car.

Whose dog is this? — It's our dog.

Possessive pronouns haven't got a noun after them.

This car is mine.

Whose dog is this? — It's ours.

Remember personal pronouns, possessive adjectives and personal pronouns.


I: This is my ball. This ball is mine.

You: This is your ball. This ball is yours.

He: This is his ball. This ball is his.

She: This is her ball. This ball is hers.

It: This is its ball. (There is no possessive pronoun form).


We: This is our ball. This ball is ours.

You: This is your ball. This ball is yours.

They: This is their ball. This ball is theirs.

I She We They You My Her Our Their Your Mine Hers Ours Theirs Yours Personal pronouns Possessive adjectives Possessive pronouns

2. Complete the sentences with the correct forms.

  1. This is my PlayStation.
  2. This PlayStation is mine .
  3. That is her smartphone on the desk.
  4. That smartphone on the desk is hers .
  5. Those are our children.
  6. Those children are ours .
The image 1 is a derivative of "Domestic dog sitting in the car trunk" by Wavebreakmedia on Envato Elements. The image 2 is a derivative of "A young woman driver with a dog sitting in car, driving" by halfpoint on Envato Elements.
Complete the sentences with the possessive adjectives or pronouns to describe the pictures herhisitstheirhistheirs

This is violin.

That car is .

This is favourite ball.

These are crayons.

This is skateboard.

These sketchbooks are .

The image 1 is a derivative of "нежная женщина в белом лебедном костюме, играющая на скрипке" by LightFieldStudios on Envato Elements. The image 2 is a derivative of "Молодой человек садится в машину." by halfpoint on Envato Elements. The image 3 is a derivative of "Собака работает для теннисного мяча" by Chalabala on Envato Elements. The image 4 is a derivative of "Детский рисунок в художественном классе" by seventyfourimages on Envato Elements. The image 5 is a derivative of "Человек, одетый в стильную повседневную одежду, сидит на слайде рядом со скейтбордом в" by leikapro on Envato Elements. The image 6 is a derivative of "Трудолюбивые дети, которые читают школьные учебники на розовом фоне" by Prostock-studio on Envato Elements.
Write the answers

Complete the description of the picture with the missing possessive adjectives or personal pronouns. Use one word in each gap.

Meet Kate and Jason. They are cousins, and they like spending time together. Today they are rollerblading in the park. Now they are relaxing on the stairs. Kate looks really nice, her rollerblades perfectly match her pink T-shirt. Jason looks stylish, too. He always wears his favourite plaid* shirt when he goes to the park. Kate and Jason are having a good time. They are taking a selfie.

* Plaid is a pattern of lines and squares.

The image is a derivative of "Мальчик и девочка катаются на роликовых коньках в парке в летний день. Сезонная деятельность на открытом воздухе для детей" by twenty20photos on Envato Elements.
Choose the correct options

Read the text and mark the sentences as True or False.

Yesterday I went to Alec's birthday and I really enjoyed it. The decorations were really great. There also were costumes of the Avengers, so we could dress up and take pictures. Alec's sister, Kate, is really good at editing pictures, so she made them really funny.

The thing I liked the most was the food. We didn't sit around the table and have a traditional meal. We had a buffet with snacks and mini cupcakes. It was so delicious that I asked Alec's mum to share the recipes.

Alec said that it was all his idea and his family had helped him to organise it. Now I want to make my birthday party as good as his!

  1. It was Alec's birthday. True False .
  2. There were actors from The Avengers at the party. True False .
  3. They had a traditional meal at the party. True False .
  4. The food was tasty. True False .
  5. The party was Alec's idea. True False .


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