Match the phrasal verbs with their meanings dHVybiBvbg== bWFrZSBzb21ldGhpbmcgd29yaw== Z28gdGhyb3VnaA== ZXhwZXJpZW5jZSBzb21ldGhpbmc= c2V0IG9mZg== c3RhcnQgdHJhdmVsbGluZyBzb21ld2hlcmU= cHV0IHVwIHdpdGg= YWNjZXB0IHNvbWV0aGluZyB1bnBsZWFzYW50 Z2l2ZSBpbg== ZmluYWxseSBhZ3JlZQ== dGFrZSB1cA== c3RhcnQgYSBwYXJ0aWN1bGFyIGFjdGl2aXR5 YnJpbmcgb3V0 cHJvZHVjZSBvciByZWxlYXNl
Choose the correct options to complete the sentences
  1. We don't really get down after along with our neighbours. They are so unfriendly!
  2. The percentage of vegetarians has gone off up across recently.
  3. Mike still can't get without down over that situation. He was deeply offended.
  4. Eat this lasagne tonight. Otherwise, it will go off along up soon, and we'll have to throw it in away back .
  5. I'll try to get on across out of taking a maths test tomorrow because I don't think l've prepared well.
  6. I enjoy watching movies about a detective going about after out a criminal.
  7. My boss is extremely good at getting his ideas off across over . Everyone listens to him!
  8. Clair managed to go up on without any new clothes for almost a year.
Do the tasks

1. Match the phrasal verbs with the appropriate meanings.

Y2hlZXIgdXA= bWFrZSBzb21lYm9keSBoYXBwaWVy c2xvdyBkb3du bW92ZSBtb3JlIHNsb3dseQ== dHJ5IG91dA== dHJ5IHNvbWV0aGluZyBuZXc= Y3V0IGlu aW50ZXJydXB0IHNvbWVib2R5 aG9sZCBiYWNr cHJldmVudCBmcm9tIG1vdmluZyBmb3J3YXJk d2FzaCBvZmY= cmVtb3ZlIHVzaW5nIHdhdGVyIGFuZCBzb2Fw

2. Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the given phrasal verbs. Type one word in each gap.

cheer up slow down try out cut in hold back wash off

  1. Searching for inspiration, Bred decided to try out something new.
  2. This opportunity turned up when I most needed it.
  3. My dog Spot tried to attack a stranger outside. Luckily I managed to hold him back .
  4. Hey, don't run around! Please slow down .
  5. Do you know how to wash this stain off ? I've tried everything!
  6. The girls talked and talked until their mother suddenly cut in .
  7. The child was really sad until Michael cheered him up .
Choose the correct options to complete the sentences
  1. Lots of people are giving away off up their hobbies these days because of the busy work schedule.
  2. They've taken over across to jogging every morning. Such a great idea for a healthy lifestyle!
  3. Alright, you can take my laptop for a minute. Please give it away back in as soon as possible!
  4. Unfortunately, I'm not good at playing musical instruments. I've decided to take up back on a new hobby.
  5. My little sister can't keep secrets. She always gives them away off in !
  6. My feet are swollen! I can't wait to take these shoes across over off .
  7. The teacher gave in out down the examination papers and set the timer.
  8. Lily takes after in along her mother. They look and behave in the same way.
Put the words in the correct order to make sentences Can you fill in this form?

Do not throw away this album.

Turn on the light , please.

The firefighters put out a forest fire.

He is moving in with his childhood friends.

Maria walked out of the room.

You can ask for help any time.

Look at the pictures and choose the correct words to complete the sentences

Put Wear Dress your shoes on in under . It's too cold today.

Ivan, read /write copy up below down this word for me, please.

You should blow watch breathe on out off the candles on your birthday cake.

Mary, take get move up above down now. You will be late for school.

Children, stand move sit down along off and wait for your teacher.

I am finding looking seeing away for over my dog. Can you help me?

The image 1 is a derivative of "жених надевает обувь и супер герой носки" by twenty20photos on Envanto Elements The image 2 is a derivative of "Ребенок пишет в блокноте." by deyangeorgiev on Envanto Elements The image 3 is a derivative of "Торт на День Рождения для Детей" by seventyfourimages on Envanto Elements The image 4 is a derivative of "Портрет приятно расслабленной женщины растягивания в постели в спальне w" by seventyfourimages on Envanto Elements The image 5 is a derivative of "Школьники поднимают руки в классе" by Wavebreakmedia on Envanto Elements The image 6 is a derivative of "элегантная девушка с милой собакой" by prostooleh on Envanto Elements
Complete the sentences using the given phrasal verbs in the correct forms
  1. When she called back a minute later, I was out of touch.
  2. Seven dwarves looked after Snow White, and she got well soon.
  3. If she doesn't give up does not give up dancing, she will become a great ballerina.
  4. Mr Brown has booked a table in the restaurant. So tonight I am eating out 'm eating out with my colleagues. Don't wait for me.
  5. If you want to work in our company, fill in this form, please.
  6. She didn't walk away did not walk away when she saw what had happened.
Read the story. Select the missing words

It's essential to take care of yourself. If we want to live longer, look better and be more productive, we should go on off about in a diet, exercise more and read psychological books. It is a modern trend and it is better to follow it. Try to give out in up away drinking coffee, eating junk food and salty products. As you might know, junk food contains fewer vitamins, minerals and proteins that are necessary for our brain and muscles. It's full of saturated fats, sugar and salt. Regular exercises and long walks help us to avoid putting in down out on weight. Go for a regular walk in the nearest park and do some simple exercises. Listening to audiobooks or classical music while you are working on off out in will increase your brain activity. It's better to listen to something melodic, without any words. We have to build up away on in our strong immune system to avoid getting the flu or a cold during the year.

Complete the sentence with the correct phrasal verbs looks after believe in calm down get away put up with picks me up bring up give up run out turn off look for
  1. Jamie his old dog.
  2. Do you ghosts?
  3. Sarah, stop crying. Try to .
  4. The bank robbers managed to with ten million dollars.
  5. Dad can't his children's quarrel. He needs some help.
  6. My mum usually after school.
  7. It's not easy to kids in the 21st century.
  8. Don't drawing. If people buy your pictures, you will become rich and famous.
Choose the correct verbs to complete the sentences

Phrasal Verbs with Down

  1. It's so hot in the living room. Could you slow turn switch down the central heating, please?
  2. Jack, don't run so fast. Turn Go Slow down. We are not in a hurry.
  3. Students, write read look down these words and learn them by heart.
  4. Who broke the vase? Why did it stand slip fall down?

Phrasal Verbs with Out

  1. It's your birthday cake. Switch Breathe Blow out the candles and make a wish.
  2. Let's drink visit eat out tonight. There is a new Chinese restaurant in our town.
  3. Watch See Come out! There is a cat on the road.
  4. Wow! You look like a woman of my dream. Let's visit go come out tonight.


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