Choose the correct option to complete the sentences
  1. The office was quite dirty. It seemed they didn't clean had not cleaned weren't cleaning it for months.
  2. Mary wasn't hungry in the evening. She had had had was having dinner earlier.
  3. The rain stopped, but the grass was wet. It rained had rained had been raining for several hours.
  4. Who was that woman? I didn't see hadn't seen not saw her before.
  5. Barney was sitting on the ground and breathing heavily. He had ran was running had been running .
  6. I didn't see John at work yesterday. He had left had been leaving left earlier.
  7. We knew each other very well. We had met met were meeting on our first day at school.
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  1. Peter had been cycling for about an hour when a thunderstorm started .
  2. Did you likedid you like the concert which you saw last week?
  3. My father was absolutely exhausted the other day. He had worked'd workedhad been working'd been working for almost 12 hours!
  4. When Lily arrived at school, she realised that she had forgotten'd forgotten an important school project at home.
  5. Where were you last week? I was worried about you!
  6. My mother was really angry with me last Friday. I came home late, and she had been waiting'd been waiting for several hours.
  7. Sofia was studying all evening yesterday. She even didn't answerdid not answer her phone.
Read the situations. Use the correct words to complete the responses waswalkingrememberedhadacceptedbeenwentaccepting

You returned home later than usual yesterday. Your parents ask you why. You say:

— Sorry, I home when suddenly I that I my friend's invitation to a school party. So I went there first.


You didn't come to the gym yesterday. Your coach asks you why. You say:

— Mr Brown, I'm terribly sorry. I on my way when I that I about my evening working shift.

camewentboughtfollowedthe instructionscomefollowingcooking

You've cooked some wonderful pancakes. Your friend asks how you cooked them. You say:

— Yesterday I across a web-site with various recipes. Then I to the shop and all the necessary ingredients. Later, I just .

Choose the correct options to complete the sentences
  1. The sun was shining when I looked outside. However, there was much snow, and it seemed it had snowed was snowing had been snowing heavily.
  2. Who was that good-looking lady? I hadn't seen didn't see hadn't seeing her before.
  3. The team had played had playing had been playing for almost two hours when it started to rain.
  4. Melany had her hair dyed the other day. I was shocked! She had had had been having had blond hair since the day we met!
  5. When I came home, my dog was out of breath. It had run had been running running around the house.
  6. At the end of the day I felt proud of myself because I had done had been doing did a lot of work.
  7. The girl's face looked rather red and swollen. I thought she had cried cried had been crying for quite a long time.


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