Divide the elements into groups

Nouns can be either countable or uncountable. Countable nouns are those that refer to something that can be counted. They have both singular and plural forms. Uncountable nouns are those that don't have a plural form and cannot be used with "a/an" or "one".

disease Englishman coin dollar loaf storm trip job handbag night flu English money bread rain travel luck work (meaning activity) accommodation luggage darkness Countable Uncountable
Choose the correct options
  1. Do you want chocolate in your birthday cake? countable uncountable

    Please, buy me a chocolate with nuts. countable uncountable

  2. Pass me a glass of water, please. countable uncountable

    On the mantelpiece, there was a tiny fairy figurine made of glass. countable uncountable

  3. Strike while the iron is hot. countable uncountable

    I need to buy a new iron. My old one has broken. countable uncountable

  4. I really appreciate your hard work. countable uncountable

    He wrote several works on probability theory. countable uncountable

  5. All of a sudden, he realised he was lost in the wood. countable uncountable

    I'd prefer kitchen furniture made of wood. countable uncountable

  6. Should I choose fish or chicken? countable uncountable

    She went outside to feed the chickens. countable uncountable

Choose if the nouns are singular or plural

Some nouns are used only in the singular, even though they end in -s.

  1. economics singular plural
  2. gymnastics singular plural
  3. headphones singular plural
  4. aerobics singular plural
  5. pyjamas singular plural
  6. trousers singular plural
  7. news singular plural
  8. clothes singular plural
  9. measles singular plural
  10. binoculars singular plural
  11. classics singular plural
  12. belongings singular plural
  13. stairs singular plural
  14. mathematics singular plural
  15. business singular plural
Study the information. Complete the sentences with the correct compound noun. Mind the spelling Compound Nouns
  1. Some nouns consist of more than one word. These are compound nouns. Compound nouns can be formed in different ways, for example:
    • noun + noun e.g. bathroom
    • adjective + noun e.g. greenhouse
    • verb + noun e.g sidewalk
  2. Many compound nouns are written as one word, but some are written with hyphens or spaces. Use a dictionary to help you.
  3. We form the plural of most compounds by adding a plural ending to the last part of the compound. e.g. bathroom - bathrooms, but sister-in-law - sisters-in-law.
  1. This is a ball game. The players can "touch" the ball only with their feet. It is football .
  2. Yesterday I went to the hairdresser and she cut my hair. I like my new haircut .
  3. Usually people have their favourite websites : the pages, sites on the Internet they like to visit more often than others.
  4. My school is not very far from my home. It takes me fifteen minutes to get to school. So, every day I have a very nice fifteen-minute walk.
  5. If I want to go out, I need to find somebody who will sit with my baby. Do you know a good baby-sitter ?
  6. Each PC needs a keyboard : a plastic board with buttons on it.
  7. Bruce has a very high level of self-control : he always controls himself, no matter what.
  8. The woman who is my mother's or father's grandmother is my great-grandmother .
  9. Eye shadows are coloured cream or powder that women put on their eyelids , skin that closes the eyes, to make the eyes look larger or more attractive.
  10. My husband's mother and my brother's wife's mother are both mothers-in-law .


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