Put the words in correct places to complete the sentences writing paperbath matcompost heapvegetable peelingsshoe boxespacked lunch
  1. My mother is a very careful person. She always uses both sides of the before she recycles it.
  2. I will never forget how creative my nanny was. Once she made a colourful from our old towels.
  3. My grandparents have their own small farm, but they never buy fertiliser, because they always have a large .
  4. My parents always use as a compost.
  5. I never throw away , because we make nice decorative shelves with them.
  6. My son's always consists of a sandwich, chocolate bar and a banana.
Read the sentences and correct the mistakes
  1. We will lose many species if we continue to cut down trees.
  2. The weather is unpredictable now. It can be very hot in the South Pole or snow in Africa.
  3. We shouldn't ignore the effects of air pollution.
  4. Because of the global warming problem some territories can become deserts in the nearest future.
  5. I don't like the climate in California.
  6. Do you know that deforestation is one of the biggest environmental issues in Russia?
  7. We weren't in the city when earthquake happened.
  8. The professor at our University is specialized on global warming problem.
Read the definition and choose the idiom for it

If you say that you are _____, you mean that you feel slightly ill.

a storm in a teacup a rainy day under the weather

When we talk about a time or period of unforeseen difficulty, trouble, or need we say ____ .

a storm in a teacup a rainy day under the weather

We say _____, when we have a lot of unnecessary anger and worry about a matter that is not important.

a storm in a teacup a rainy day under the weather

It's someone who pretends to be tougher or more dangerous than they really are.

to be a Paper Tiger to be on cloud nine to be a Guinea Pig

To be extremely happy and excited:

To be on cloud nine To be a Guinea Pig To be a Paper Tiger
Put the words in correct places to complete the sentences natural habitatsmodern lifestyleconversation programsGlobal warmingpower stationsacid rainecosystemreuse
  1. If we don't protect we will lose a lot of species.
  2. Because of the in a big city we can see a high increase in air pollution.
  3. One of the best options to protect nature and the environment is to organise .
  4. is the most important problem in the 21st century.
  5. People continue to build to have more energy instead of using solar panels for that.
  6. If we burn fossil fuels in our country we can cause in other places.
  7. Forests are very important, because they are the biggest part of the world .
  8. When you plastic things like bottles or bags, you protect your environment.
Listen to the interview and choose the right answer

  1. The Environmental Awareness Team is a School Project which helps to be more eco-friendly. True False Not Stated
  2. It's better to cycle or to walk to school to protect air from pollution. True False Not Stated
  3. The Environmental Awareness Team has a lot of prizes and grants at school. True False Not Stated
  4. It's better to leave the lights on in classes to save energy. True False Not Stated
  5. It's better to use plastic canteen stuff to protect the environment True False Not Stated

Kevin: Welcome to the School Life Radio daily podcast – «We Save Planet». Today we're hosting Anna Smith, the head of the Environmental Awareness Team of our High School.

Kevin: Hi, Ann! How are you?

Anna: Hi, Kevin! Thanks for inviting me!

Kevin: So, let's start! First of all, tell us, what is an Environmental Awareness Team and why is it important?

Anna: Well, you know that nowadays we are facing a lot of environmental problems, most of which are man-made. I mean people are responsible for global warming, water and air pollution, natural resource depletion and many other problems. At the High School we are studying and learning how to live and earn money, how to develop our skills and make a career, so it's the best place where we can start studying how to protect our environment. That was the main reason to start our project.

Kevin: Wow! That sounds interesting… Can you tell us what you have already done?

Anna: Sure! For example, we started with the small Save the Energy project. We thought about what we can do to save energy when we are at school.

Kevin: Oh, I know! Are you talking about a new rule to switch off lights in empty rooms?

Anna: Right! It's not so difficult to do, by the way. If you are the last person who leaves the classroom, just turn off the lights and close the door to keep the heat in. Also you can walk or cycle to go to school. That helps not to waste much energy and it's very good for your health.

Kevin: I like the idea! Thank you! And what can you tell us about pollution and rubbish?

Anna: That was our second project. We presented it to the school director last year and now you cannot find any plastic stuff in our school canteen. We can use only ecological materials. In addition we always use both sides of writing paper and started to use more kindle books and e-copies instead of paper. And the last point is that we have been reusing old stuff since the end of last year.

Kevin: It's amazing. How does it work?

Anna: Well, if you have old things in your classroom that you wouldn't use anymore or old books, you should bring them to our office. You can find us on the third floor, near the library. We collect all that old things and then try to reuse them. For example, if we have old jars or cans, we make pen holders and planters from them. They are very beautiful and creative. You can find some if you visit our school library.

Kevin: I'm really overexcited. It's a very cool idea. Thank you, Anna for your time and for inspiring us to care about the environment at school! We wish good luck to your Environmental Awareness Team and all your projects!

Anna: Thanks, Kevin! I would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone who is interested in Environmental Awareness to join our friendly team.


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