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Listen to the audio and complete the text with the correct words funfairrideswater slidesrace carsconcertcotton candy

Yesterday my friends and I went to the ! We rode and . After that, we drove . There was a , so we saw many people dancing. At the end of our day, we ate . I had so much fun!

Read the dialogue and choose the correct options

Jane: Fred, what are you going to do on holiday?

Fred: Oh, my family and I have many plans. First, we are going to Greece. We are going to visit the beach on Mykonos, so we need a lot of sunscreen!

Jane: Nice! Take flippers to swim faster!

Fred: Oh, yeah, I will! Then we are going to the Netherlands for camping. We will be there for two weeks. So, we will pack a lot of things for it: food, drinks, tents, sleeping bags! What about you?

Jane: I'm going abroad with my aunt and cousin. We're going on a trip to three countries: Switzerland, Germany and Italy!

Fred: Wow, sounds fun! What will you do in each country?

Jane: We will go to the mountains in Switzerland and go sightseeing in Germany and Italy. I'm going to take a big bag with different clothes: a swimsuit for Italy, hiking boots for Switzerland, and summer clothes. I'm not going to take a sleeping bag or a tent because we will stay in hotels in all countries!

Fred: That's great! Have a nice holiday!

Jane: You too, Fred!

Are these sentences True or False?

  1. Fred is going to Greece for the mountains. True False .
  2. Fred will take flippers for swimming. True False .
  3. Fred is going to take a tent and sleeping bag to the Netherlands. True False .
  4. Jane is going on holiday with her parents. True False .
  5. Jane will visit three countries. True False .
  6. Jane will take a sleeping bag and tent. True False .
  7. Jane and Fred are going to swim on holiday. True False .
Drag the elements Hi SallyHow are you?bedroomsliving roomkitchenbedroomWrite back soon

To: Sally

From: Monica

Subject: A weekend at my dacha


My family and I are going to our dacha this weekend. I can't wait to tell you about it!

We have a beautiful big house near a river. It has three : one for my parents with a big bed, one for me, and one guest room. Then it has a nice where we usually get together to watch a movie or sit in front of a fireplace. We also have a huge where me and my mom like to cook pancakes in the morning.

Sally, I miss you very much! Do you have any plans for this weekend? Maybe you could come to our dacha with us? You can sleep in our guest , we have a free bed there for you. And then we could swim in the river the whole day, and watch a nice movie in the evening. Please, come.




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