Match the phrases with the responses TmljZSB0byBtZWV0IHlvdS4gSSdtIFNhbGx5Lg== TmljZSB0byBtZWV0IHlvdSwgdG9vLg== RXhjdXNlIG1lLg== WWVzLCBob3cgY2FuIEkgaGVscCB5b3U/ VG9kYXkgaXMgYSB3b25kZXJmdWwgZGF5IQ== SW5kZWVkLCBpdCBpcy4= R29vZCBldmVuaW5nIQ== SGVsbG8h SG93IGFyZSB5b3U/ SSdtIGdyZWF0Lg== TWFrZSB5b3Vyc2VsZiBhdCBob21lLg== SXQncyB2ZXJ5IGtpbmQgb2YgeW91Lg== VGhhbmtzIGZvciBjb21pbmcgaGVyZS4= VGhhbmtzIGZvciBpbnZpdGluZyBtZS4= V291bGQgeW91IGxpa2UgYW55dGhpbmc/ Tm8sIHRoYW5rIHlvdS4=
Listen and choose the intonation of each phrase
  1. We have to go. Polite Annoyed .
  2. We have to go. Polite Annoyed .
  3. What's up? Friendly Aggressive .
  4. What's up? Friendly Aggressive .
  5. Excuse me! Polite Annoyed .
  6. Excuse me! Polite Annoyed .
  7. No, thank you. Friendly Aggressive .
  8. No, thank you. Friendly Aggressive .
Read and choose the most polite responses
  1. — Pleased to meet you. Me too Nice to meet you too Hi .
  2. — Is this seat taken? I'm afraid, yes It's taken I've no idea .
  3. — Can I offer you something? No No, please relax Of course, you can! .
  4. I'm afraid Hey, You know I have to go now. — See you later.
  5. — A cup of tea with two spoons of sugar, please now right now .
  6. — Make yourself at home. That's very kind Okay Thanks .
Choose the correct answers

Read the text and mark the statements as true, false or not stated.

The inability to communicate can play a cruel joke on us. Very often, people notice a person's readiness or unwillingness to contact. This usually happens in situations such as waiting for a doctor's appointment or waiting in a supermarket queue. A slow reaction can also encourage people to go ahead, not agreeing with you in turn. Many will say: "Is impudence in this case the only correct solution?" We often substitute the concepts of arrogance and the ability to defend our rights. This is the essence of communication. The ability to present yourself in such a way that your opinion and step will be listened to. This will help you not only to fall for the bait of scammers but also to get away with it, for example, in communicating with an inspector on the road or a doctor. Always stand up for your truth and don't be afraid to have a discussion.

  1. The general theme of the text concerns the importance of getting in touch with others. True False Not stated .
  2. Quickness of reaction is always impolite. True False Not stated .
  3. The author of the text distinguishes the concepts of arrogance and personal right. True False Not stated .
  4. People don't always listen to other people's opinions. True False Not stated .
  5. The willingness to defend your opinion can help a person out. True False Not stated .
  6. People ignore children's requests. True False Not stated .
  7. The author of the text is for an activity and expression. True False Not stated .
Complete the sentences with the correct phrases "To break the ice"an unfamiliar personI love summerdo you knowto continue communicationthe best friendwhy you're silent

in English means to break the silence that has arisen during a conversation, a way to fill the silence. This is not easy, especially if there is nearby or someone with whom you do not really want to communicate. One of the ways to start communication is to talk about the weather. Useful phrases: "What wonderful weather!", "Look! It's going to rain!" or "". We can also talk about the news. Useful phrases: "Have you heard the latest news?", "What happened with our neighbours, ?". The main thing is after such phrases, so that silence does not arise again.


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