Read the examples and choose the correct meanings Modal Verbs Functions

Modal verbs can perform different functions.

Modals can express:

  1. Permission: can, may, might
  2. Probability: may, might, should
  3. Possibility: can, could, may, might, be able to
  4. Criticism: could have done
  5. Advice: had better, ought to, should
  6. Obligation: must, have to, need
  7. Prohibitions: can't, mustn't
  8. Lack of necessity: don't need to
  9. Offer: may, might, should, would
  1. Can I give you a hand? prohibition offer deduction
  2. Everything should be all right. probability permission advice
  3. I can do this task easily. necessity permission ability
  4. You could have warned me about the results! prohibition criticism inability
  5. I wasn't able to write the report on time. absence of necessity prohibition inability
  6. Knitting may seem too boring for somebody. permission possibility advice
  7. He can't be in Egypt now! deduction inability prohibition
  8. You should stop eating so much. permission advice probability
  9. I couldn't find my glasses anywhere until I found them on my head. past inability past possibility past prohibition
  10. We don't have to get up early tomorrow. prohibition lack of necessity advice
Read the situations and choose the correct options

Your mother doesn't let you go to the party until you do your homework. "You have to had to do your homework if you want to go to the party."

There is a speed limit sign on the road. You friend says, "You have to must drive not faster than 50 kilometres per hour here."

You parents say that it's your duty to clean your room. "You had to should keep your room clean."

Your friend is surprised to know you went to the park after school yesterday. He says, "I thought you had to ought to do your homework first. That's what your mother always says."

There is a rule in the classroom concerning mobile phones. It says: "You should must switch your phones off and put them in a special box at the beginning of every lesson."

You have a terrible toothache. Your mother tells you, "You have to had to go to the dentist."

Your friend asks you about the chores at your house. "What chores do you must have to do at home?"

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Cross out the incorrect word and type the correct one instead
  1. I weren't able to pass the test. wasn'twas not
  2. We could has missed the train. have
  3. You don't have to drive faster than the sign says. mustn'tmust notcan'tcannot
  4. They might have be playing for too long. been
  5. He has to fix the car yesterday. had
  6. You ought to been more careful. be
  7. My parents might be buy me a present right now. buying
Choose the right grammatical form in each gap to complete the text

When it comes to choosing a career path, one can gives can give can have given can to give the advice to do what you love. Others suggest that the best option is to have a hobby that is your job as well. These may seem good pieces of advice, but how exactly do you find your thing? First of all, give yourself some time. Don't rush into making decisions, especially if you're too emotional at the moment. Take your time and consider all the options. Make a list of all the things that you enjoy doing and then think if you can make a career out of any of them. Another point to consider is to decide if you are ready to turn your beloved activity into a routine. For example, you must shall may should love travelling, but are you ready to spend days and months commuting? Also, do not hesitate to try different things. Some people are lucky to choose the career of a lifetime at once, but others need to try needs to try need trying need try several options to realise that they've finally found the job of their dreams. Find out what each job that you would like to apply for involves. If possible, interview the people who already have this job and ask them about the pros and cons. Do they meet your expectations? If the answer is yes, you should should to shouldn't not should definitely give it a try. And in case you found out that you don't really enjoy what you've started to do, it is ok to change the job if you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes it is the best decision for both employer and employee. Last, but not least, take action. You'll never know what is out there unless you try. Fear is the biggest constraint of any dream. The job search process might been would be can be must been stressful, but the more interviews you have, the weaker your fear is. Finally, you will find a perfect offer and the job of your dream.


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