Match the words with the pictures A delivery man A sales assistant An architect An air traffic controller A mechanic A bank teller 1. The image is a derivative of "Woman receiving pizzas in boxes from delivery man" by LightFieldStudios on Envato Elements 2. The image is a derivative of "Sales Assistant Giving Package With Clothes To Buyer In Boutique" by Prostock-studio on Envato Elements 3. The image is a derivative of "Architect at work" by Vladdeep on Envato Elements 4. The image is a derivative of "Air Traffic Control Tower" by Chalabala on Envato Elements 5. The image is a derivative of "Hands of a mechanic working on a car engine" by Photology75 on Envato Elements 6. The image is a derivative of "clerk counting cash money at bank office" by dolgachov on Envato Elements
Drag the elements

Complete the sentences with the names of the jobs. There are two extra jobs.

A lion-tamerA mechanicA traffic wardenA waiterAn accountantA bank tellerA general managerAn operator
  1. is someone who trains lions in a circus.
  2. is someone who repairs machines and engines.
  3. is someone who makes sure that people don't park their cars in illegal places.
  4. is someone who serves food and drinks in a café or a restaurant.
  5. is someone who keeps financial accounts.
  6. is a person who takes money from customers or gives money to customers in a bank.
  7. is someone who is in charge of an organisation or a company.
  8. is a person who helps people to connect when they are making a phone call.
Choose the correct character word for each job Air traffic controllers must be imaginative friendly reliable because they manage airplanes from the ground. Vets must be impatient caring honest because they treat animals. Waiters must be helpful creative unsociable because they work with customers. Firefighters must be brave polite stubborn because their job is dangerous. Graphic designers must be generous creative sensitive because they create original designs. Reporters must be shy pessimistic easy-going because they talk to people a lot. Lion-tamers must be sincere determined sociable because they have to make lions do what they want. Cashiers must be rude selfish polite because they work with people. General managers must be confident sensitive irritable because they make decisions for the whole company. 1. The image is a derivative of "Air Traffic Control Tower" by Chalabala on Envato Elements 2. The image is a derivative of "Female vet stroking horse" by Wavebreakmedia on Envato Elements 3. The image is a derivative of "customers and waiter with notepad or restaurant" by dolgachov on Envato Elements 4. The image is a derivative of "#firefighter #fire #firefighting" by twenty20photos on Envato Elements 5. The image is a derivative of "Graphic designer" by DragonImages on Envato Elements 6. The image is a derivative of "cameraman with video camera and news reporter interviewing executive businessman" by LightFieldStudios on Envato Elements 7. The image is a derivative of "Close-up shot of gorgeous roaring lion in circus arena" by Nejron on Envato Elements 8. The image is a derivative of "Cashier Accepts Card Payment From Customer In Delicatessen" by monkeybusiness on Envato Elements 9. The image is a derivative of "Boss shaking hands with employee at meeting" by Prostock-studio on Envato Elements
Cross the wrong word out
  1. The time you work: part-time full-time deadline flexible hours.
  2. Computer software: graphic designer lion-tamer computer programmer web designer.
  3. Cars: architect car salesman mechanic traffic warden.
  4. Animals: lion-tamer dog trainer vet cashier.
  5. Money: accountant bank teller cashier artist.
  6. Outdoors: pizza delivery boy accountant traffic warden gardener.
  7. Indoors: taxi-driver bank teller general manager air traffic controller.
  8. Uniform: nurse traffic warden author waiter.
Complete the text with the correct words

Teleworking means working from home with the use of technology. A person who works from home house flat place is called a teleworker. Teleworking is becoming more and more popular because it is more comfortable than going to the office every day.

The most important advantage of teleworking is the freedom to organise your working time conveniently and productively. That means you have time to like enjoy hate make other things in life such as your family, hobbies and friends.

Moreover, you can set your workplace in same dangerous difficult different places: your kitchen, a beautiful park, a cozy café or even a sandy beach. What you need for teleworking is a computer or a laptop with an active internet connection.

Teleworkers can take care of their family, pets and home during the day. That helps workers to be more relaxed, so they work better. People don't have to put save waste use time and money on transport and commuting, special dress-code clothes and daily lunches.

Another great thing is that with teleworking there are no limits. You can work for a company in a different city or even in the other part party zone territory of the world.

Teleworking is great for computer programmers, graphic designists designers designs creators , tutors and accountants. It is great for people who are responsible and reliable and who can meet o'clock time deadlines hours .


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