Complete the sentences with -ING forms

She enjoys listening to music.

I hate eating broccoli.

I can't stand working overtime.

I usually avoid singing karaoke.

The image 1 is a derivative of "Attractive woman listening to music on a rooftop" by FlamingoImages on Envato Elements The image 2 is a derivative of "One senior and mature woman dieting and eating healthy looking with disgust face at the broccolis" by PerfectWave003 on Envato Elements The image 3 is a derivative of "Working overtime. Exhausted businessman sitting at desk with laptop and empty coffee cups against" by Prostock-studio on Envato Elements The image 4 is a derivative of "Vocal silver microphone wireless for audio recordings, karaoke on pink background" by twenty20photos on Envato Elements
Complete the sentences with the correct forms
  1. Vicky refused marrying to marry marry Tom.
  2. I'm looking forward to seeing see to see my friends. I haven't seen them for a year.
  3. Steve wants buying to buy buy a boat and go on boat trips down the river.
  4. This film is very funny. I can't help laughing to laugh laugh every time I watch it.
  5. My mum lets me using to use use her laptop to do my projects.
  6. I was busy preparing to prepare prepare for my exams.
  7. I avoid meeting to meet meet my neighbor. He is a very unpleasant man.
  8. Dad promised buying to buy buy Ted a new toy.
  9. Our teacher made us cleaning to clean clean our classroom.
  10. My sister can't stand cooking to cook cook .
Complete the sentences using the correct forms
  1. I forgot to buy bread. I'll have to go to the supermarket once again.
  2. I'll never forget buying my first car.
  3. I remember phoning Jack yesterday. I phoned him and told him the news.
  4. Remember to phone me when you arrive at the airport. I'll be waiting for your call.
  5. A: Look! It's going to rain!

    B: It doesn't matter. Let's go on playing football.

  6. Jack finished his homework and went on to play football with his dad.
  7. I regret to tell you that you have failed your test.
  8. I regret telling my sister about my new boyfriend. She has already asked me hundreds of questions about him.
  9. Stop playing computer games. You have to tidy up your room.
  10. Jim was walking along the street when he saw a funny puppy. Jim stopped to play with it.
Choose the correct options to complete the dialogue

Amy: Do you remember meeting to meet meet Charles at the campsite last month?

Melanie: Charles? Of course, I remember him. He always stopped near our tent talking to talk talk to you. But you refused giving to give give him your phone number. You said he was boring.

Amy: Well, he managed finding to find find me on the internet. And we've decided doing to go go to the cinema next Friday.

Melanie: Wow! What made you changing to change change your mind about him?

Amy: He turned out to be so funny and interesting. Now I regret being to be be so rude to him at the camp.


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