Label the Christmas attributes Christmas star Candy cane Bauble Snowflake Present Holly Christmas stocking Bow Santa's cap Image 1 is a derivative of "Christmas golden star" by Sonyachny on Envato Elements. Image 2 is a derivative of "Festive Homemade Candy Canes" by bhofack2 on Envato Elements. Image 3 is a derivative of "Red Christmas bauble on a fir tree" by sergeyskleznev on Envato Elements. Image 4 is a derivative of "Female hands holding wooden snowflake, christmas decoration" by FabrikaPhoto on Envato Elements. Image 5 is a derivative of "Christmas present gift closeup background" by Prostock-studio on Envato Elements. Image 6 is a derivative of "Twig of Holly" by picturepartners on Envato Elements. Image 7 is a derivative of "Christmas stockings hanging on decorated shelf" by twenty20photos on Envato Elements. Image 8 is a derivative of "Blue bow" by viledevil on Envato Elements. Image 9 is a derivative of "Santa red hat on wooden background, holiday Christmas" by serbogachuk on Envato Elements.
Divide the holidays into groups Burns Night St David's Day St Patrick's Day Shakespeare Day Battle of the Boyne Summer Bank Holiday St Andrew's Day Memorial Day Columbus Day Veterans Day Independence Day Washington's Birthday British American
Do the crossword puzzle


1. It's a traditional Irish creature in green clothes which has a pot with gold. Leprechaun .

2. People should wear it for the carnival. Girls prefer wearing masks with long dresses. Costume .

3. This holiday is celebrated in England on the 25th of December. Christmas .

8. Firstly, you should do it with a present before giving it. Wrap .


3. We usually eat it for our birthdays. Cake .

4. A tube of coloured paper that makes a loud explosive sound when it is pulled open. Cracker .

5.A man usually gives this Holland flower to a woman on the 8th of March. Tulip .

6. A great performance with people in colourful costumes. Carnival .

7. A public celebration of a special day or event, usually with bands in the streets and decorated vehicles. Parade .

9. A small device containing powder that burns or explodes and produces bright coloured lights and loud noises. Fireworks .

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Read the stories and choose the right missing words.

air shoot throw lights spinning tops treats gather catwalk broadcast


Holi is an Indian festival of colours. People around the world are celebrating the first day of spring. It's usually held on the last night of March. People throw paints in the to make colorful dust, with water guns and water balloons to play and congratulate each other. They are listening to music, dancing and singing all day and night.


Hanukkah is a Jewish festival of . This is one of the longest festivals in the year. People are celebrating it for 8 days in November and December. They light 8 candles (each candle symbolises 1 day), play with , bake potato pancakes, eat traditional and listen to music.

London Fashion Week

Fashion models, clothes designers together in February and September in London annually. London has 2 fashion weeks along with New York, Milan, and Paris. The first one is presented in February. More than 250 designers organise the fashion shows. Nowadays people can watch an online and buy fashion things online through the special digital platform.

Read the information and do the task

Rita and Mark's project is almost ready. There are two holidays left: Christmas and Boxing Day. Rita thinks that everyone should create an online poster with some ideas for Christmas decor in their calendar.

Help her and Mark to name the Christmas decor.

The Christmas tree The Christmas candle Ornaments Pillows A garland A wreath A cosy blanket


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