Put the elements into the gaps

Complete the text with the given words.

ambitiouswhichsongwritingdancestarcatch the attentioncontract

My name is Tara. I live in South Korea, and I have a problem! I don't know what I like doing. I have no hobbies or interests. So I need your help to choose what I can do.

First of all, do you have a hobby? Do you like reading, sewing or cooking? Maybe you love singing and dancing? I know that in the past it was very popular to be fond of knitting, sewing, collecting stamps, fencing, etc. But today teenagers are so active and . So many teens love songwriting, dancing and singing, writing stories, ice skating, painting or even blogging. People say that the best hobby is the activity brings you money. Do you agree with that statement? What is popular in your country?

For example, many teenagers in South Korea like and singing. Some of them very well. A lot of Korean teens are dreaming to be an "idol" or a . They wish they could of famous producers who can give them a and make them popular. They are very determined to succeed and work very hard to be the best. But I don't play musical instruments, and I'm shy about singing. I do it only when I'm taking shower. I don't think that music can be my hobby. What about you? Can you sing?

The image is a derivative of "Woman taking selfie with korean style heart" by leungchopan on Envato Elements.
Match the pictures with the right words SewingWritingstoriesSkateboardingKnittingPlayingchessSongwriting

Image 1 is a derivative of "Сheerful seamstress sewing with sewing machine" and the image 5 is a derivative of "Young men sitting on floor and playing chess on chess board" by LightFieldStudios on Envato Elements. Image 2 is a derivative of "Author at work" and the image 4 is a derivative of "Knitting" by AboutImages on Envato Elements. Image 3 is a derivative of "Girl on the skateboard" by Racool-Studio on Envato Elements. Image 6 is a derivative of "Woman songwriter play acoustic guitar listen song from smartphone think and write notes" by Tirachard on Envato Elements.
Cross the wrong words out
  1. Listening to music watching TV songwriting playing computer games.
  2. Patient musician brave ambitious.
  3. Drawing painting sewing skiing.
  4. Optimistic skating surfing swimming.
  5. Famous ambitious popular shy.
Listen to the audio and choose the correct option

The 1st speaker's new hobby is

gardening. sports. going to the cinema.

The 2nd speaker's hobby is

meeting friends. sports. playing musical instruments.

The 3d speaker's hobby is

singing. dancing Zumba. doing sports exercises.

The 4th speaker's hobby is

collecting new gadgets. playing computer games. taking pictures with his new camera.

The 5th speaker's hobby is

watching films. reading football.

Speaker 1: We moved to this country house a few months ago. Before that, when I lived in the city, I had a lot of hobbies: I used to go to the cinema and theatre, and I attended some sports clubs. Now I don't have such an opportunity. But here I can take up a new hobby - gardening! My mum wants me to take part in planting vegetables and flowers. I can enjoy nature and who knows, maybe I will have green fingers* soon!

Speaker 2: I am fond of socializing! I like to arrange parties at home and invite friends. We can dance or sing; some of my friends can play musical instruments, so we can make a music band. I just love to get all my friends together and do something creative.

Speaker 3: Dancing Zumba is my favourite pastime. This mix of different moves keeps me active and I can forget about all my problems at school or with parents. Besides, it is good for my health. I go to the local fitness club where we have Zumba classes twice a week.

Speaker 4: I can't say that I am a techno geek but I am simply mad about modern devices. I have a tablet and a smartphone of the latest model. I like taking photos and sharing them on the Internet. And playing online games takes a lot of my free time. I have an online chat with my classmates in one of the games where we can talk for hours.

Speaker 5: What I really love is literature. A good novel or a romance is much more exciting than a new film, a concert or a football match. Today we can read books of different genres, it depends on your interests. My favourite genre is fantasy. When I open a fantasy novel, I am absolutely absorbed by that magical world of creatures and monsters. Many of them resemble people.

*to be good at gardening and planting flowers


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