Match the phrases to the pictures to be on a diet to be through the ultrasound drill to perform a surgery to put a cast to be hooked up to drips to be depressed to have a doctor's appointment to visit a therapist to give birth to a child Image 1 is a derivative of "Girl eating a salad" by ollyi on Envato Elements Image 2 is a derivative of "Pregnant woman on ultrasound" by Anna_Om on Envato Elements Image 3 is a derivative of "Discussing surgery" by DragonImages on Envato Elements Image 4 is a derivative of "Leg in a cast after a fracture" and image 6 is a derivative of "the millennial girl suffers from physical and mental abuse. Women's mental health." by twenty20photos on Envato Elements Image 5 is a derivative of "Patient in a hospital bed with IV drip" by stokkete on Envato Elements Image 7 is a derivative of "Satisfied pregnant woman having doctor's appointment with ultrasound diagnostics" by romankosolapov on Envato Elements Image 8 is a derivative of "Female patient sitting on sofa at psychotherapist" by NomadSoul1 on Envato Elements Image 9 is a derivative of "mother with newborn child" by Svetography on Envato Elements
Choose the correct category for each word or phrase doctor surgeon nurse paramedic orthopedist family doctor physician pediatrician otolaryngologist ophthalmologist measles chicken pox diabetes rash burn scar earache runny nose stuffy nose heart attack high blood pressure stomachache asthma the flu pulled muscle pills drops syrup antibiotic iodine first-aid kit ointment capsule aspirin Medical specialists Diseases/Injuries Medicines
Choose the words that suit best
  1. Point to on out your nose slowly.
  2. Chicken pox is a childhood disease which causes a rash swelling lungs .
  3. I'm not feeling fantastic bad well .
  4. Otitis causes intensive backache earache stomach ache .
  5. Don't touch your cut and it'll wound treat recover by itself.
  6. She works suffers claims from depression.
  7. I can't go riding. I'm allergy recover allergic to horses.
  8. Flu vaccination syrup injection is available for all citizens.
  9. The doctor advised me to take give run up yoga.
  10. When you suffer from bronchitis you cough sneeze ill a lot.
Cross out the odd word in each line

thermometer bandage stethoscope syringe dental care

pills cough powder capsules

veterinarian dermatologist pediatrician physician radiologist

to examine to treat to diagnose to be ill

skull nostrils bandage tongue chin

disease sickness fade disorder malady

to drill to fill to pull to massage

Read the text and mark the statements as True or False

Every teenager is consumed with stress and anxiety at school or college. They are upset with low marks, strict teachers, friendship, difficult tasks or family problems. I bet that you faced at least one of these problems. We should cope with stress as doctors say. If we don't pay attention to it, stress may lead to a long depression. So it's better to start helping yourself immediately. The first question that you should ask yourself is "How much stress do I feel?" You won't find a special gradation to measure your stress, but such symptoms as losing or gaining weight, insomnia, bad appetite, low mood and anxiety are the first signs of stress.

Firstly, don't panic and take a deep breath. Every time when you're nervous, upset or anxious, do the breathing gymnastics. Breathe in, breathe out and count from 1 to 20. It's a great tip for a person who wants to start shouting or crying in a stressful situation. This will help you to calm down, lower your blood pressure and think your further words and actions over.

Secondly, do some sport. Gymnastics, athletics, swimming, aerobics, riding a bike etc. Choose the best one for yourself. You can exercise alone or with your friends. Don't forget that in a good company you can relax, discuss your problems, find support and enjoy spending time together. But there can be things and offense which we want to keep inside. Psychologists say that we should write them down. You can analyse them and find solutions to solve them.

Thirdly, try to distract yourself. You can find a part-time job such as walking your neighbour's dogs, babysitting or tutoring. If there is no way to earn extra money, clean your room, take some guitar classes, do some handcrafts like origami, or draw. The change of pace affects us positively. It helps us to clear our mind, boost new ideas and relax effectively.

Try one of these tips next time when you feel stressed out and don't forget that good health is above wealth.

  1. Stress can turn into depression. True False
  2. Poor appetite and loss of weight are the signs of stress. True False
  3. It's better to keep your problems inside instead of discussing them with others. True False
  4. Distraction is one of the ways to cope with stress. True False
  5. Only kids at schools suffer from stress. True False
  6. Stress leads to anxiety, insomnia, problems with weight and low mood. True False
  7. It's better to think about your actions than to panic or to quarrel. True False


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