Complete the sentences with the given verbs

Future Perfect is used to describe actions which will be finished before a stated future time.

e.g. I will have come back from my holiday by the end of the week.

Future Perfect Continuous is used to describe actions that have begun and will last up to a certain time in the future.

e.g. By the end of the day I will have been translating this article for two days already.

Time expressions used

before, by, by then, by the time, until

will have been cleaningwill have cleanedwill have been readingwill have readwill have been teachingwill have taughtwill have playedwill have been playing
  1. I up all that mess in the house for an hour by the time you get here to help me.
  2. I up the mess in the house after yesterday's party by the time my mom gets home.
  3. My daughter likes reading. By the end of the week she the books by Lev Tolstoy for a month.
  4. My daughter likes reading. By the end of the week she Anna Karenina by Lev Tolstoy.
  5. By the end of next month Mr Levin History for 30 years at our school.
  6. By the end of next month Mr Levin our class the Civil War.
  7. The teams the game by the time we get to the stadium.
  8. The teams for almost an hour by the time we get to the stadium.
Read the telephone conversation and choose the correct options

Tim: Hi, Mike. How about going to the club tonight?

Mike: I'd love to but I'm not sure if I can manage it. I'm out of the city right now. I'll have driven for 5 hours by the time I get home. So, I might be too tired to join you.

Tim: Hmmm … Here's the deal. I'll have waited till 8 p.m. to call you and find out your final decision. Will you have returned home by then?

Mike: Emmm … No, I probably won't have returned home by 9. Call me at 9:30 and I'll let you know if I come.

Tim: No prob. Be in touch.

Mike: OK. Bye.

Future Perfect is used for actions which

will definitely happen in the future as a result of a routine or arrangement. will be in progress at a stated future time. describe hopes, fears, offers, promises, warnings etc. will be finished before a stated future time. describe predictions based on what we see or know.

Future Perfect is formed with the help of will + have +

verb + -ing. present participle. past participle. bare infinitive. full infinitive.

Time words for Future Perfect are

after; before; till/until; as soon as; by; while; by then/the time; if; never.
Complete the sentences with the correct form of the given verbs. Use Future Perfect
  1. I will have known'll have known by 5 o'clock if I can pick you up.
  2. Willwill Sarah have redecorated her room before her relatives come?
  3. My parents will have returned from holiday by the time I leave.
  4. She will not have movedwon't have moved to London until she earns enough money.
  5. We will have got'll have got my diploma by the time I am 17.
  6. By what time will she have finished the report?
  7. She will not have startedwon't have started her journey until she gets tickets.
  8. Will your mother have cooked dinner by the time you arrive?
Choose the correct words. Put the verbs in Future Perfect write discuss arrest repair fly finish
  1. Jim will have repaired'll have repaired his motorbike next weekend.
  2. I shall have finishedwill have finished'll have finished my work by 8 o'clock.
  3. We will have discussed'll have discussed our wedding tonight.
  4. The police will have arrested'll have arrested the shoplifter in the street.
  5. We shall have writtenwill have written'll have written the exam at school tomorrow.
  6. I shall have flownwill have flown'll have flown to Paris by next week.


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