Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct grammatical form of the given verbs

Hi! I'm Susie and I've already planned my future life.

First, I am going to take 'm going to take will take 'll take my final exams in spring. I hope I 'll pass will pass them brilliantly. My family and I have decided that having a gap year after school is a good idea, so I am going to work 'm going to work as an au pair in Spain for a year. It's a great opportunity to see the world, meet new interesting people, get fantastic experience, and learn Spanish. I've promised my parents that when I come back I will go to university and get a degree in Economics. I'm not happy about that, and I'm pretty sure I won't be enjoying won't enjoy will not be enjoying will not enjoy going to work every day and working with papers in a finance company. So, if my mum agrees , I will enter an art college. By the time I finish it, I will have enough experience to work at the local art gallery. And maybe by the age of 30 I will have been running 'll have been running my own gallery for some time already.

Choose the correct grammatical form in each gap to complete the text

All outstanding people say that you need to plan everything. If you plan will plan are going to plan will have planned in advance, you will be successful. What do you think about when you imagine your future life?

In 10 or 20 years' time you will have finished finish are going to finish are finishing your studies, and you are going to run run will have been running will run your own business for several years already, or you will even be a millionaire.

Of course, you will have bought a very big house, and you are going drive will be driving will have driven will have been driving an expensive sports car, or you'll have your personal driver. You will be in good shape, happy and healthy.

Everyone hopes only for the best, but what will happen will have been happening is going to happen be happening in reality?

Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs (Present Simple, Present Continuous, be going to, Future Simple)
  1. A: What are you doingare you going to do on Saturday evening?

    B: Miriam and I are goingare going to go to the theatre.

    A: Oh, really? Which play are you going to see ?

    B: We are going to see're going to see Hamlet. The play starts at 7 p.m.

    A: Lucky you! And what are you doingare you going to do tonight?

    B: I haven't decided yet. Maybe I will meet'll meet my sister, and we will go'll go for a walk. Will you join us?

    A: Sure. What time will we meetshall we meetare we meeting ?

  2. A: What time do you finish work tomorrow?

    B: At 5. On Fridays we usually have a short day. Why?

    A: We are havingare going to have're having're going to have a party on Friday. Will you come ?

    B: No, sorry, I can't.

    A: Why?

    B: We are going're going out of town on a short holiday. I am leaving'm leaving on Friday evening.

    A: Cool. What time is your train?

    B: At 5:30.

    A: If you need, I will give'll give you a lift to the airport.

    B: Thank you, don't bother. Polina is going to dropis dropping's going to drop's dropping me off.

  3. A: Hi, Bobby! Any plans for the weekend?

    B: Don't know yet. I hope I will go'll go out with Susie.

    A: What a pity. I wanted you to go skiing with us at the weekend?

    B: Oh, no way! I think if I ever go skiing, I will break'll break my legs.

    A: Please, I promise you will be safe'll be safe !

    B: No, thank you. Definitely, I will call'll call Susie right now and invite her to the cinema. See you!

Choose the right grammatical form in each gap to complete the text

I often dream about my future. I'm still hesitant who I want to become in the future. My father is a social worker. He works hard and gets home really exhausted. I've heard that this profession is considered to be one of the least popular. So, I definitely don't choose not going to choose won't choose 'm not choose to be like my father.

My mother is a doctor. She likes her job, although it's hard too. Moreover, in order to become a well-qualified doctor, you have to get a postgraduate education which lasts 1-2 years longer than studying in a non-medical sphere.

My brother is an architect and, maybe, I 'll become 'm becoming become 'm going to become one too. I think that his job is really interesting. He creates drawings of new construction projects and designs safe and functional buildings. He doesn't need to work in a stuffy office for the whole day as he has to travel to building sites, proposed locations and client meetings.

My sister wants to become a hairdresser but, as you understand, I willn't choose 'm not going to choose don't choose 'm not choosing this "girlish" profession. Plus, my parents are certain that this profession isn't paid well enough. Still, my sister isn't going to change her mind, as she's read an article where it was stated that hairdressers are the happiest workers of all.

At this point, I finish 'll finish 'm going to finish 'm finish grade 9. My exams end will end are ending 're going to end this month and I'm going on holiday to Spain after that. When I come back, I'll move on to get my high school diploma.

Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct form of the given verbs

Numerous studies show that over 50% of schoolchildren do not know what they want to become in the future. If you are the one who still doesn't know what job to choose, we are going to present're going to present several key factors to consider when choosing a profession.

Start with your desires and interests. Don't listen to others who will try'll trytryare trying're trying to persuade you that only well-paid jobs are worth considering. If you have different interests and it's hard to decide which of them you would like to be connectedconnect with your future job, you will need'll needneed to answer the three questions below.

Question 1: What sphere of work are you interested in? Health, education, finance, politics, technologies, building, engineering, art, sports and many other spheres are available nowadays.

Question 2: What can you do the best in the sphere(s) you like? Are you good at counting money? Do you like taking care of people or animals? Can you create a simple website? You need to find all your strengths and analyse them thoroughly.

Question 3: What main function should your job perform? In other words, try to understand what you need the job for. Are you going to becomeWill you become a big boss? Should your job bring a lot of money? Maybe, you would like to be useful to society? Or do you want just to do what you like?


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