Put the elements into the gaps

Complete the sentences with the given words. There are some extra options.

  1. Pupils aged 6–11 usually go to a school.
  2. Alison goes to a school; it is a type of school which students do not pay for. Usually, it is owned by the government.
  3. Andy studies at the school, but he doesn't like it because students must live in it during the school term. They might go home only for holidays.
  4. A school is a school students usually don't have to pay to go to.
  5. A school was popular in the tsar times: boys and girls studied separately. Now the psychologists say that it is ineffective.
  6. A school is a place where boys and girls study together. Now these schools are the most ordinary ones.
  7. A school is a school where students learn skills that often engage working with their hands.
  8. A place where pupils aged 11–18 go is usually called a school.

State school (UK) = public school (US).

Private school = public school (UK).

Choose the correct options to complete the sentences
  1. The better degree certificate results at school I'll achieve, the higher chance to enter a good university I'll have.
  2. After school I would like to get a bachelor's degree certificate results in Biology.
  3. Susie is going to take pass her final exams in spring.
  4. I hope I will take pass a Maths test next week. Good marks are very important for me.
  5. My dad was happy when I finally could achieve reach success in science.
  6. I can't go out with you tonight because I need to learn study teach a poem by heart for school.
  7. She prefers not to learn study teach at weekends; she usually takes Saturdays and Sundays off.
  8. I think a test an exam doesn't show the real knowledge: you can just guess the answers.
  9. My parents always say that to get high qualifications qualities after school, you need to study hard now.
  10. I like Robert because of his personal qualifications qualities : he is nice, friendly and loyal.
  11. Biology is my favourite lesson subject . I want to become a doctor one day.
  12. Don't forget to bring the essays for the next lesson subject .
Put the elements into the gaps

Complete the sentences with the given idioms. There are some extra options.

you live and learnteach her a lessonknow the ropesunder her belta teacher's petgreat minds think alikebeat around the bushdream up an excuseteach an old dog new trickscarry the can
  1. Kelly had to get a lot of skills before having a high position in the company.
  2. Megan is . All her works are excellent, and the answers are right.
  3. Have you known that the same things were discovered in different countries around the same years? That's because .
  4. Don't ! Tell me what you want!
  5. Billy, why do you always not to do anything? Why are you so lazy?
  6. My mum doesn't want to get a new profession because she thinks you can't . I totally disagree!
  7. You have to tell the teacher that it was you who copied my work, not me! I don't want to !
Fill in the gaps with the words derived from the given words

I was unemployed for about four months after graduating from the university and finally, I decided to apply for an administrator position in a local supermarket. It was not a very skilled and responsible work, but they needed help, and I needed money.

Well, when I came to the interview, I first filled in an application form, which a nice employee from the HR department had given to me. Then she asked me about my professional experience and qualificationqualifications . After that she told me about my responsibilityresponsibilities and workingwork hours. It was OK. So, tomorrow is my first day at work!


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