Complete the sentences with the given collocations. There are some extra options. express their opinionmake sensehave no idealearn by heartmake schedulefail an examdraw your attentionbear in mindpay attentionpass an examtake notes
  1. I like Social Science lessons because our teacher encourages everyone to .
  2. All the work I've done will not if I fail the exams and don't enter the university.
  3. I haven't done my English homework, that's why I what is written on the board. I hope Mr Hardener won't ask me.
  4. The task for Monday is to a poem on page 48.
  5. When studying online we are able to convenient for us.
  6. My parents told me if I , I will not go to Italy on holidays!
  7. Class, I would like to to the most important history facts.
  8. Rachel, that this is your last chance to make the results better.
  9. Quiet! Please, to the vocabulary list. We are going to have a test on it on Thursday.
Complete the sentences with the given words. There are some extra options religioussingle-sexstatepublicvocationalboardingnurserysecondaryprimary
  1. A school provides a specific set of values.
  2. A school is a school where you study only with boys or a girls.
  3. A school doesn't need to be paid for.
  4. A school is expensive.
  5. A school gives you a chance to earn money after finishing it due to skills you got.
  6. A school takes care of a pupil day and night.
  7. A school is a school for the smallest.

state school (UK) = public school (US)

private school = public school (UK)

Complete the sentences with the given words. There are some extra options BiologyHistorySocial studies/scienceLiteratureForeign languagePE (Physical education)ArtChemistryMathsIT (Information technology)PhysicsTechnology
  1. is a subject where you study kingdoms of living things: plants, bacteria, mushrooms, etc.
  2. studies the facts from the past about your own country or about other countries.
  3. is a subject where you study human behaviour and society.
  4. lessons help us to study poems, novels, and poetry.
  5. lessons help us learn the vocabulary and grammar of another language.
  6. lessons help us to be fit, to study how to play games, and do exercise.
  7. is a subject where you study pieces of art and facts about the artists.
  8. is a subject where you study atoms, molecules and the matter.
  9. helps us to study how to deal with numbers.
  10. is a subject where you study how to use a PC and applications.
Put the elements into the gaps marktestscertificatetermsscholarshipcurriculumextracurriculardegree courseschool-leaversuniversity graduate
  1. To get an excellent , you need to work really hard.
  2. I don't like , especially at the end of the school year. They make me nervous.
  3. When you finish school, you get a of secondary education.
  4. Our school year consists of four .
  5. She won a to study at Medical University.
  6. There are many compulsory subjects on our .
  7. After school, I attend some activities such as Science lessons.
  8. She is doing a at university—she studies Medicine.
  9. All will be provided with summer jobs.
  10. Nowadays, every is thinking about what to do: to take a gap year or go to work.


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