Drag the elements Water pollution Global warming Deforestation Endangered animal species Overpopulation Exhaustion of natural resources Image 1 is a derivative of "Trash and pollution, Copenhagen" by DennisJacobsen on Envato Elements Image 2 is a derivative of "Melting glacier global warming climate change" by blas on Envato Elements Image 3 is a derivative of "Deforestation in rural areas. Timber harvesting in forest" by merc67 on Envato Elements Image 4 is a derivative of "Underwater great white shark" by byrdyak on Envato Elements Image 5 is a derivative of "Overpopulated residential building in Hong Kong" by leungchopan on Envato Elements Image 6 is a derivative of "Pumpjack Oil Pump Fracking Equipment Natural Resource Extraction" by Christopher_Boswell on Envato Elements
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Fill in the gaps
  1. Сonservationist is a person who is concerned about the damaging effects of human activity.
  2. Endangered species of animals are Amur tigers, humpback whales, rare species of birds.
  3. Some fashionable hotels provide many facilities for tourists, for example, laundry service, ironing or shoe repairs.
  4. Mankind is facing the ecological catastrophe nowadays.
  5. The effects of human criminal activity are inevitable.
  6. Our planet is full of natural resources such as oil, gas, coal.
  7. The diversity of creatures makes us think about their future.
Read the text and choose the correct options

Conservationists are deeply worried about the current extinction of many animal species. Many species of sharks are endangered now because of constant acts of illegal hunting.

Commercial killing of sharks is now in its full force. The reason why these endangered animals are being attacked is the huge demand for their fins. Many Asian countries are consuming massive amounts of fin meat as it is regarded as a delicacy in many fashionable restaurants. People order shark soup to indulge their desires. Unfortunately, they don't even understand how damaging it can be for nature.

Many ecologists, biologists and even journalists are trying to take measures to prevent the illegal hunting for these predators and warn people about real danger for their lives. They organize meetings and protest against the proceeds of criminal activity. The rate of extinction has accelerated much faster than it was expected. Governments should take into account how to advance safety measures and ban illegal hunting. If we don't stop it now, we can lose the natural diversity of our beautiful planet.

  1. Many animals are under threat because of the effects of human harmful activity. True False .
  2. Sharks are killed for their meat. True False .
  3. People don't go out into the streets to protest against animal violence. True False .
  4. People of different professions fight against the destruction of the animal world. True False .
  5. We can't prevent the extinction of animal species. True False .


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