Match the elements with the pictures Drought Flood Tornado/cyclone Tsunami Earthquake Lightning Avalanche Hurricane Famine Pollution War Endangered species Poverty Homelessness Volcanic eruption Image 1, derived from "сушеные земли" by leungchopan on Envato Elements. Image 2, derived from "Затопленная церковь в Южной Африке" by zambezi on Envato Elements. Image 3, derived from "Торнадо" by twenty20photos on Envanto Elements Image 4, derived from "Волна" by Yakov_Oskanov on Envato Elements. Image 5, derived from "Ущерб дорог в национальном парке вулкана" by twenty20photos on Envato Elements. Image 6, derived from "Молния" by twenty20phot on Envato Elements. Image 7, derived from "Снежная лавина в зимних горах" by ivankmit on Envato Elements. Image 8, derived from "Ветер урагана Ирмы дует пальмы с балкона отеля" by twenty20photos on Envato Elements. Image 9, derived from "Концептуальный образ нищеты и голода" by Gajus-Images on Envato Elements. Image 10, derived from "Мусор и загрязнение окружающей среды, Копенгаген " by DennisJacobsen on Envato Elements. Image 11, derived from "Война в лесу" by Getmilitaryphotos on Envato Elements. Image 12, derived from "Орел" by SeDmi on Envato Elements. Image 13, derived from "обрезанный вид старшей пары, сидящей на диване и держащей кошельки дома" by LightFieldStudios on Envato Elements. Image 14, derived from "Бородатый нищий спит на городской улице " by NomadSoul1 on Envato Elements. Image 15, derived from "Извержение вулкана" by twenty20photos on Envato Elements.
Put the elements into the gaps

Complete the sentences with the given words. There are some extra words.

earthquakestornadoesDroughtsfamineavalanchespollutionendangered speciespovertyhomelessnessvolcanic eruptionshurricanefloodtsunamiwar
  1. The biggest damages are usually caused by , which occur because temperature changes deep inside the earth's core.
  2. The biggest number of happen in the USA because of physico-geographical features and characteristics of atmospheric circulation of air.
  3. Some areas in Africa suffer from lack of rain. and having no opportunity to grow food can lead to , sickness and death.
  4. Sportsmen skiing in the mountains should be very careful not to get caught in .
  5. I think is one of the most serious problems nowadays. I'm involved in ecological protection and help with cleaning the streets in my neighbourhood.
  6. Scientists are worried about some birds and animals whose population is rapidly declining. The number of is increasing from year to year.
  7. The economic situation usually influences the level of : the healthier the economy is, the wealthier the people are.
  8. The issue of worries me a lot. When I see a beggar in the street, I always want to help.
  9. Unfortunately, kill everything around because of lava and ash emissions.
Choose the correct words to complete the text

Global warming is a great danger possibility opportunity . On the one hand, lots of problems come from nature itself: volcanic explosions avalanches eruptions , gas emission because of the ocean "breathing", solar activity changes, etc. But on the other hand, human beings also have their negative impact: burning coal, pumping out oil and gas. As a result, the landscape has been changing a lot over the last hundred years. The problem has been getting worse because of growing chopping cutting down trees for clearing cleaning peeling the space for new buildings: office skyscrapers, houses and shopping centres.

Why is global warming so dangerous? The oceans and seas are getting warmer, so ice caps are melting sliding rising . As a result, the level of water is changing, and people are suffering from floods. Droughts prevent people from growing crops and can definitely lead to war famine homelessness .

Increasing CO₂ (carbon dioxide) concentration in the atmosphere causes the greenhouse affect effect impact , which has a lot of consequences too. Firstly, it can lead to holes in the ozone background level layer , which are a great cause source basis of radiation, harmful and dangerous for human beings. Secondly, uncontrolled weather forecast climate change can destroy the fauna balance. Plenty of animals and plants could become extinct endangered died forever.

Both flora and fauna are in danger, and only people are able to stop the catastrophe.

Put the elements into the gaps

Complete the sentences with the suitable idioms. There are some extra options.

a storm in a teacupit's raining cats and dogson cloud ninechasing rainbowsfeeling under the weathera walking disasterrecipe for disastera bolt from the bluesee which way the wind blowssave up for a rainy day
  1. The hairdresser cut Susie's hair only one centimetre shorter than she asked, but she began to argue. She made such .
  2. It is raining so heavily outside. Take an umbrella and put on your rubber boots. In London they say .
  3. Jack is today: he is extremely happy and excited because he's won a scholarship.
  4. Maggie always tries to achieve the impossible things. I told her she was when she decided to organise a society of environmentalists.
  5. I'm not feeling well. I don't want to go anywhere today because I'm .
  6. My brother is . Yesterday he broke mum's favourite vase. The day before, he nearly set the house on fire. And this morning, he poured a bottle of water into my bag!
  7. Not finishing the project on time during the year is a sure .
  8. His sudden decision to give up university and join Greenpeace was .
Listen to the audio and choose the correct options
  1. Natural hazards have a great impact on people's lives. True False Not stated .
  2. Coastal erosion is caused by people's migration. True False Not stated .
  3. Throughout the years natural disasters made people move around the globe. True False Not stated .
  4. People don't pay attention to forest fires and landslides. True False Not stated .
  5. People can stop natural disasters. True False Not stated .
  6. The results of natural hazards are only property damage and loss of life. True False Not stated .
  7. Improving methods of building houses can help to prevent natural hazards. True False Not stated .
  8. People must know how to reduce the risks of natural disasters. True False Not stated .

Natural hazards can affect people. A natural hazard or a disaster is a natural event that can cause economic or social impact. Natural disasters include droughts, landslides, earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, fires started by lightning, volcanic eruptions, extreme weather, coastal erosion and many more. They shaped the history of human societies from changing the size of population to migration. People's activity can contribute to the frequency and intensity of natural disasters. These hazards include droughts, forest fires, erosions, landslides.

Unfortunately, people can't eliminate natural hazards, but they can be engaged in activities helping to reduce the effects of disasters which can result in loss of life, economic costs or property damage. People can reduce its effects by avoiding high-risk locations, improving construction methods or developing warning systems. Besides, scientists must educate people so that this kind of literacy leads to promoting awareness to reduce risks.


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