Choose the correct options to complete the rules

Articles are mostly used before verbs adjectives nouns .

The articles in English are a/an/the at/a/the their/the/a .

The definite indefinite article is the. The definite indefinite article is a/an.

Choose the correct category for each phrase with countable nouns to introduce an object for the first time with names of rivers, oceans and seas to indicate one of a group with jobs and professions with both countables and uncountables to talk about specific things to talk about the object again with regions and plural countries to give a plural meaning before certain adjectives with unique objects with groups of islands, mountain ranges and deserts with superlative adjectives a/an the
Look at the pictures and fill in the gaps to make grammatically correct sentences Givegive me a an the - apple, please. Moscow is a an the - largest city in Russia. She is having's having a an the - seasonal vegetable salad now. A An The - Queen Elizabeth ll lives in a an the - Buckingham Palace. A An The - Netherlands grew a an the - first tulips five centuries ago. I am studying'm studying a an the - history of France at a an the - moment. Image 1 is a derivative of "African American man handing an apple to a small child, support and kindness concept" by twenty20photos on Envato Elements Image 2 is a derivative of "Panoramic view of Moscow landmark during sunset from Zaryadye Park" by travnikovstudio on Envanto Elements Image 3 is a derivative of "Beautiful girl with dark curly hair sitting at cafe and eating salad" by garetsworkshop on Envanto Elements Image 4 is a derivative of "Big Ben Clock Tower and House of Parliament in the night, London, UK" by pichetw on Envanto Elements Image 5 is a derivative of "Tulip." by GitaKulinica on Envanto Elements Image 6 is a derivative of "Eiffel Tower" by twenty20photos on Envanto Elements
Find one incorrect article in each sentence, cross it out and type the correct article or -

The Russia is the largest country in the world.

  1. The Baikal is an beautiful place to see. a
  2. The Niagara Falls are situated in the south of Canada. -
  3. My sister is learning to play a piano at a music school. the
  4. The Netherlands is the European country. a
Choose the correct articles to complete the story

As you know, Amazon is a an the biggest shopping platform in a an the USA. William was a an the seven-year-old boy when he bought a an the unusual thing there. He used his mother's credit card to buy a an the helicopter. It wasn't just a an the small toy helicopter. He bought a an the real one! Fortunately, a an the seller asked for the delivery address. He realised that the boy lived in downtown Detroit. No penny was spent and Amazon blocked William's account.

Another interesting selling story happened in New Jersey. A An The old 76-year-old Amanda tried selling things to pay off her husband's credit. She found a an the old mattress in a an the attic. A An The man from Texas paid $53 on eBay for it. A An The few weeks later, Amanda's husband asked her about a an the mattress. He explained that there was $350,000 hidden inside it. Eventually, they got a an the mattress back, but not a an the money.

Choose the correct category for each proper noun New York Lake Baikal Asia Mars Africa Christmas Texas Ancient Greece Mount Hood Cambridge University Madison Avenue Philippines Black Sea Pacific Ocean Ritz Obamas (family) Moon Pope Urals North Times (newspaper) Crimea No article With the


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