Put the words into the gaps activeactsactively
  1. John is a very boy.
  2. Hermoine a princess in a school play.
  3. The company protects its rights in the court.
  1. When Lucy gets B at school, she is usually .
  2. You can feel when you're alone.
  3. He answered to the question.
  4. The words and depress him.
  1. The worker's opinions about the coffee machine in the kitchen.
  2. Sometimes it's difficult to find between tweens.
  3. Mum and dad treated kids .
  4. schools took part in the local sport competition.
  1. Harry, be ! There's a cow on the road.
  2. I don't about you. You deserved it.
  3. She walked because of her broken leg.
Study the information. Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the adverbs made from the given adjectives Adverb-forming suffixes

We usually add the suffix -ly to form an adverb from an adjective.

e.g. calm — calmly, quick — quickly

Other adverb-forming suffixes:

-ways e.g. sideways

-wise e.g. otherwise

-ward e.g. forward

-long e.g. headlong

Spelling Rules

Note! Some words formed with -ly are both adjectives and adverbs

e.g. friendly

  1. When I saw Mary, she was talking about her puppy happily .
  2. It's scientifically proved that dinosaurs lived on our planet millions of years ago.
  3. I've got unbelievably high score on the test.
  4. Mrs Morgan complained quite noisily about her neighbours.
  5. Megan looked at me angrily .
  6. I would like my children to be financially educated.
  7. Unfortunately, people don't live harmlessly on the Earth: air, water and soil are already too polluted.
  8. I'd like to spend money more usefully .
Read the sentences and choose the correct options Adjectives or Adverbs

Adjectives describe the qualities of a noun.

E.g. A black pen

Adverbs indicate the time, place, manner, degree or frequency of an event or action.

E.g. He looked at me seriously.

  1. I don't like to walk the dog early in the morning. adjective adverb

    I like early spring. adjective adverb

  2. A little girl was running towards me. adjective adverb

    I will read a little and then go to bed. adjective adverb

  3. I try to help my mum because she has lots of daily responsibilities, both at home and at work. adjective adverb

    When I decided to lose some weight, I began to go jogging daily. adjective adverb

  4. I get mad when I have to wait for anybody long. adjective adverb

    It's a long way to Manchester. Take some water and sandwiches. adjective adverb

  5. Grandpa is still a very fast driver. adjective adverb

    Don't drive that fast! There are speed cameras everywhere. adjective adverb

  6. I don't want to walk far today because I'm tired. adjective adverb

    Icarus is a very far star. adjective adverb

  7. We are running out of time. Please, get straight to the point. adjective adverb

    I like your hair now when it is straight. adjective adverb

Choose the correct options to complete the sentences
  1. I worked really hard hardly on that issue but didn't manage to finish it on time.
  2. It is snowing so bad badly today. I don't think we will go out.
  3. When I looked at the lipstick close closely , I realised that somebody had already used it.
  4. I could hard hardly believe that Eva had taken that money.
  5. Next summer, short shortly after the end of the school year, we are going to go to the seaside.
  6. A pilot is a high highly skilled and responsible professional.
  7. I haven't read much late lately because I've been too busy at work.
  8. Your bad marks are large largely due to your laziness.
  9. I slipped and near nearly broke my arm yesterday.
  10. He stopped short shortly when he saw a deer on the road.
Write the answers

Read the sentences and change the words into an adjective or an adverb.

It was a danger place to stay in.

It was a place to stay in.

The gas smelled dangerously .

She sang beautifully .

Mr Black is a very sensible person. He always makes clever decisions.

Sarah is a very sensitive girl. She always cries at the end of romantic films.

The plot is good. The cast is brilliant. I think it was reasonably awarded.

He always works carefully with given tasks.

We found this book very interesting .

This presentation is well performed.

He is driving very fast ! He is going to crash!

Please, be very careful with that animal. It can bite!


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